Nurse or Teacher?

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This problem come ruining my head again as my birthday is coming soon. Yea, I'm gonna be one year older in this December, 25. So, what should i choose to be?

After watching the movie.... "It started with a kiss 1 " and continue with the second part "They kissed again 2" all theirs hard works amazed me. I have learned that what ever you put effort in something, God will never let you disappointed. And all they characters they played also captured my heart. Doctors, nurses, teachers, chefs, CEO....

Actually, I like to be both nurse and teacher. But, we only have 24 hours a day, so, it's impossible for me to play two roles in one time. I think about this everyday, I have seek advise from my parents, friends, teachers... In the end, it's still the question, Nurse or Teacher?

At first, the word Doctor came into my mind when I fill in the educational form what do I want to be in the future. Thinking deeply, I realized that I'll kill lots of people because I don't have the smart brain inside my head like the Doctors have. So, I 'down grade' it a little bit, and switched it to Doctors' helpers, Nurse. Haha...
The reason why I choose medical science because it can make me appreciate every God's creatures, care for them and help them. It really makes me realize of the important of the life, more importantly is the meaning of the life. Why do we live, purpose of living and more. As in the news lately, there's a little boy, living in the city which has WAR all the time, his age is less than 10 years had physical disability just because of a bullet shooting into his face. In the hospital, his face was wrapped. From a little normal boy, who can speak, see things... Now became can't speak, can't eat, breathing using the tube provided by the hospital, and can't see. OMG. This incident makes my tears pouring every time I think about it. He is just a little child man!!!!! How can this world be so cure, so mean to him? Can we have more PEACE? That's why we, Baha'i have to spread the faith fast so that PEACE will arrive faster, and less people will suffer in this disaster. And being a nurse, I hope I can help the sick to health, the kids to grow up healthily, the patient recover, remove their pain and so on. Yes, prayers are needed for them.

EDUCATIONAL FOR ALL, no matter you are male or female because education is very very very important. It can actually change your life. So, I want to teach and at the same time, share what I know to the others. I like to teach actually. Like a candle as many people mentioned, burn up itself and give light to others, pass down the knowledge that I have to the students. Teach them to be kind, generous, forgiving, teach them about Baha'i Faith, and the important of PEACE. Kids are like pure angels when they are young. To keep it like angels, teachers have the responsibility to guide them, lead them to the right path in their life. Teacher's work is so critical in shaping the minds and soul of every future mother, father, doctor, lawyer, engineer, executive.I love to watch the students succeed in their life, and continue to serve for the community and make it a better one. Yeah, teach teach teach no mater where you are, teach or share the Faith to others for the rest of your life. Indeed, it's very meaningful.

My mum say it's better to be a teacher instead of nurse. I know why, every mother on earth will protect their children and of course want them to be safe, free from any harm. But, every job will have it's on danger. Who knows? It all depends on God's decision, right?
So, still the question again.
Nurse or teacher?
Any comment?


I cry.

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Suddenly the rain has gathered my feet.
The tears that I held in are welling around my eyes

I cry

The sound of the clock in an empty room
The sound of the rain hitting the roof and my lips
The ring inside the coat I haven’t worn in a while
The gathering memory
The Seoul I haven’t seen in a few days
The gathered rain are like little mirrors
Within them I struggle because it hurts
Without you I’m like a chair with a short leg
The umbrella that was too small for the both of us
The umbrella that shielded us from the cold world
Now seems much to big and awkward.
Your left shoulder always got so wet
I hang my head with the weight of the memories
My shoelaces are untied, undone
Now all that's next to me is the rain and wind
a person that will hold my umbrella for a while
and I cry
A puddle of rain has gathered around my feet
The tears that I held in are welling around my eyes
I cry

You are the umbrella above my head
The cold rain falling above my shoulders in night
You next to me has become a habit
I cant be without you
alone in the rain

The ground has gathered the tears of the sky
I can see the moon behind the star blocking clouds
The sound of lonely shoes echo down the alley
I turn around
Its just heart wrenching night
A shadow that looks just like me
The us that couldn’t see us
Are we together now?
The answer is lonely.

The picture in my mind and my response is vague
The umbrella that was too big in my eyes
The umbrella I close facing the world that made me cry
The umbrella that I opened with the promise of forever
Under the now ripped umbrella are two hearts
I guess even though I turn you wont be there
I put my two hands deep inside my pockets
Even though I walk carefree
My two cheeks will easily become wet
Suddenly the rain has gathered at my feet
The tears that I held in are welling around my eyes
I cry

I opened the door of my heart
you’re the umbrella above my head
You are my shadow, I am your shade
You’re the umbrella above my head

Because you are not next to me
I waited outside with an umbrella
outside your house
I cry.