Christmas Day? My Birthday?

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This is quite confusing when you birthday is on "special day" like New Year, Mother's Day...... Just any public holidays. Well, mine is on Christmas Day.
So, I'm celebrating my birthday at the same time with Christmas Day.
One of my teacher asking me.... "So, what kind of presents you are actually receiving? Your birthday presents or Christmas presents?"
Well, I guess it's actually both. haha...... Birthday presents plus Christmas Day presents, like in the advertisement, THREE IN ONE. But mine are~~~ TWO IN ONE. haha......
On 25 December, after the clock just passed 12.00 am, my cellphone just can't stop ringing.
All my friends sent text messages to me, wishing me Merry Christmas and also Happy Birthday as well.
In the end, I finally can crawled to my bed and slept in peace around 1.oo am.

I got a present from my friend, Susan on the day before Christmas Day, during the Christmas Party at The Tarot Cafe. A puzzle of a puppy, and it is framed. Thanks a lot, Susan.

And my mum and my younger brother bought me a nine-pointed star plus a silver necklace.
*The nine-pointed star.
I persuaded my mum to buy it for my birthday present during the Baha'i Teachers' Conference.
haha... I just felt like want to have it the 1st time when I saw it.

I LOVE IT! I think I will not take it off my neck for the rest of my life unless somebody steal it or I lost it... Lame. Hope these "special case" won't happen.

My family and I had dinner somewhere at Rock Road there. The food there were totally made my mouth watered. It's just a simple celebration. And thanks to my family. Love you all the time.
I'm just very glad that my friends and my family remember my birthday.
That's the reason why I feel happy, and blessed all the time.

To all:
Thanks for everything.

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