Christmas Party

9:13 PM fOnG LiNg 2 Comments

Avenue: The Tarot Cafe

It's just a simple party for 4sc2. Glad to see a few friends after such a long holiday.
And, the school is going to reopen soon. So, I think this is the last memory for our class this year.
Or maybe we'll hang out or 'lepak' somewhere else. Haha...
Rules for that night: Black shirt + Santa Clause's hat.
The last one who arrive must drink the disgusting drinks~ plain water + tomato sauce + chili sauce + soya sauce......
And the one who drank the drink was our class monitor, Henry Ling. haha.... So pity him.
I ordered the drink from The Tarot Drink book. Erm, forgot the drink's name, but I remember it's no.5. The food I ordered, Korean food, Tempura Kimchi Ramen if I'm not mistaken. Not bad, quite nice. Hope to go there again for the second time and want to try the Japan dishes.
To all my friends on Earth, Merry Christmas to all of you.

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  1. Tempura Kimchi Ramen is Japanese Food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. But the menu label is korean oo...