Shopping in the rain.

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OMG, 1st time went shopping with my friendsDoreen and Mui Kiun, in the rain cause we forgot to bring umbrella. And that day was Doreen's birthday. So, I'm so sorry, Doreen. But, no chioce. haha...
We went to MJC to shop for shoes that can fit in my extra size feet, 9. Can't believe it man!
All the shoes there are, well, kinda not my type. But Mui Kiun found a pair of shoes which we all satisfy with it. Clothes, erm, not that pretty.
In the afternoon, we had our lunch at our friend, Seng Fu's new opened kopitiam, "Quan Jia Fu".
We ordered Teh C special and, he went to the kitchen and started to make drinks for us. OMG, I'm shocked and wonder if the drink will kill people or not. haha... The moment I drink it, I can't believe it cause the drink taste quite nice. We also ordered chicken rice from his dad's stall. Everything including the rice, chicken, sauces, and even the soup taste very GOOD.
The rain poured as we were eating the "chicken rice". So, we went through the rain to the opposite side. Our clothes were wet. And got lots of "chi ko pek" uncles at the shops around. Lame. If I'm the one who own the whole MJC, I'll kick all the "han sap" and "chi ko pek" peoples to Africa.
Doreen's mum sent us to Mui Kiun's house and we had make the craziest decision. That is... Continue to shop at Satok. We went there by bus. Arrived at Shop Of Shoes, the shoes there we were not that satisfy and continued to walk to Wisma Satok. And, finally, we found it.
The shoes is actually for next year's 10 clubs combined dinner in March. Theme: Black and White. So, everything must be in black and white colour.
Mui Kiun saw a dinner dress which came from Korea if I'm not mistaken and the price after 30% discount is still RM100+. But, the dress is very pretty and suite her very much. And we did the craziest thing again, walked back home from Wisma Satok with our own feet. It took about more than a half hour. So, in the end, we ended with two words............. TIRED MAN!!!!!!

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