A trip back to Bau, Kuhing.

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After 40 minutes sitting in the car, I found myself were surrounded by GREEN LIVING THINGS, trees, grasses, flowers, vegetables, fruits......
Finally, I can smell the aroma of the fresh leaves. Ahh, nice. It's the nature, created by God.
This time, my family and I went back to Bau for some kind of "Big Family" reunion.
Lame....... haha.......
So, I visited the veggies and fruits garden. Plucked some lime, lemons... Searched for durians.....
These are lime trees. The limes are very high up on the branches. I'm not that tall to reach the branches and in the end need my uncle to help me plucked it with ladder.

Papaya trees......

I have no idea what kind of plant is this. Veggie or grass or what?

This picture is took after my aunts, uncles ate it.
Before that, it's actually a lot, like~~ The Durian Mountain.
It's true. I'm not bluffing.

This is the "kulit", shells of durians after they ate it. OMG!!!!

Haha, my brothers washing my dad's car.
But, the car is still very dirty.
Conclusion: They like to "curi tulang", being lazy.

Lemons... They smell nice.

When I reached home, I can't wait to make the lime juice drink.
Nice. You can see small part of the picture of laptop in there.
Yeap, I'm typing this post while drinking the juice.
haha... Very enjoy. Plus the papaya prepared by my mum.

I'm busy typing this, no time to eat the papaya.
Guess what, my mum force me to eat it!
Oh Gosh...

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