Contact lenses.

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I've tried on the contact lens after introduced by my tuition teacher, Dorathy.
She helped me to bought it. So, the story of contact lens begins....
The contact lenses are originally from Korea. Wow, the shipping is really fast, just about one week. I also helped my friends to bought some.
So, here's the lens I bought.



Honey wing/ Ash wing

Honey wing

Ash Wing

Angel Color Grey

Max Series Gold Black

These lenses make me more easier when I'm playing netball, cause wearing spectacle is uncomfortable for me. Plus, I feet like the spectacle is quite heavy when it is on top of my nose.
The Geo contact lenses can actually enlarge my iris. But wearing contact lens is dangerous too.
So, I'll be a lot more careful.



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This is the No. 1 place that I would like to go in my traveling list... Tokyo.
Reasons: 1. Just kinda like the building there
2. Wanna go there to shop, I like their fashion style pretty much.
3. Go to see sakura.
4. Want to taste Korean food.
5. Go and see the handsome boys and beautiful girls.

Sakura Trees...

Moon Cake Festival I guess.....

Ueno Park...

Korean FOOD!!!
Kishu Roll...

Food on the stick... I'm not sure what are the things called.

Toro Sashimi and California Roll combo

Simmered Meat Patties in Teriyaki like sauce – Jangsanjeok

Korean Fried Chicken....

Hornby Roll Sushi

I can't read their handwritting... How? Use finger to point? So lame ler...

An astonishing look at Panorama Yokohama at night.

The Eye...

Japanese vending machine company Apex Corp introduced a new system that will vend free drinks if customers watch a 30-second commercial. This is an interesting development for marketers trying to find different ways to reach consumers in a world filled with advertising noise.

Hair dye for men. I will buy this for Maxdy if I got go to Japan. haha...
Maxdy takes care of his hair A LOT!!!!!! Let him try. Erm, red colour ok or not hor? LOL...
But, hope he will use it. haha...

JAPAN IS COOL! Next blog I'll try to upload a few photos about Japan.
Wow, I feel like wanna fly to there now...


The WORDS that 'influenced' my mind

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I've read a book about Japan's culture recently. And I'm totally inspired by some of their culture...... Their polite and respect to humankind, living-in-peace lifestyle, their activities during the free time, material art games like Kyudo, Karate, Judo(gently art) and many more.
The games, Kyudo, Judo means of physical and spiritual development, as well as self-defense.
By clearing you mind, purify it, like some kind of mind peace. And that is when you can reach a higher level or improving your skills.
And the empowering words that influenced me are 和,忍,宽,耐。

The simplest form of peace and harmony.
This character contains the ideas of patience, perseverance and endurance.
Patience is quiet hope and trust that things will turn out right. You wait without complaining. You are tolerant and accepting of difficulties and mistakes. You picture the end in the beginning and persevere to meet your goals.

宽容 Being tolerant is accepting differences. You don't expect others to think, look, speak or act just like you. You are free of prejudice, knowing that all people have feelings, needs, hopes and dreams.

耐力 This means stamina or endurance.
The first character means, "to tolerate" or "to endure".
The second character is "power".
Together, you could say this word means, "the power to endure".

I'm kinda like Japan's lifestyle. So, I hope someday I have the opportunity to visit Japan. Walk in the middle of the park, all the leaves or sakura fall down blow by the mild wind, the road are all covered by leaves.....
Go to see the breathtaking views from the high tower......
Life is peace, no war, no fighting, just living the the World of Peace.
How good it is, huh?