The days before chinese new year.

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Phew... It was a hard day. My mum, brother and me were making some snack for Chinese New Year celebration. We made the... Don't know what it's name.... pok piah plus the seaweed thing....
and the bak song roll with pok piah.
In the end, we managed to finish all our job around 1.oo am.

This is what I mean about the seaweed thing. It's quite easy to make compare to the 'bak song'.

Frying process.......

Sucking oil..........

Next thing.... 'Bak Song' pok piah roll.

pok piah sheets.....

'Bak Song'. People usually will eat this during "Chu Qi". The seventh day of the New Year Days.

Where is it. After that, get them fry and done.
It takes a longer time to roll it. That's why we slept til late at night.
Besides all this, I also got make some chocolate cookies.
Sorry, I don't have the time to take the picture of the cookies.
So, want to see or taste it, you are welcome to my house during Chinese New Year, my friend.

For those who don't know the location of my house, please refer to the map in Kuching.

Happy Chinese New Year to all my friends.
Gong Xi Fa Cai.

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