Intercalary Days

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The Baha'i Intercalary Days arrived. Which means it's the Festival of Ayyám-i-Há.
The intercalary days are a time of feasting, rejoicing, and charity for Baha'is.
So, Friday night, 26th February, we are having a potluck dinner and also gift exchange.
Well, children will like this cause they love presents. haha...
Friday afternoon, the task force committee ( including me) were going to decorate the hall and arrange the tables, chairs all that stuff.

It's suppose to be a love-shaped balloon. But this balloon is a bit "abnormal" from the other.
In the end, the balloon ended up to be like this, like a kind of cartoon. Cute. haha...

And that night, potluck dinner went on. My mum cooked "tou fu" and brought it there.
Sorry, no picture for the "tou fu" cause I don't think it's nice. haha...... Sorry, mum.
The next program is singing time, then a talk given by uncle Pelvis followed by the gift exchange session.
Well, my mum got this.
1000 pieces of puzzles. She won't play with it duh...
I help her to fix the puzzles. haha...

My younger brother got chocolates,

and I got this thing, cute Mashimaro. haha...

It's a kid's present actually. Funny but I like it.

Intercalary Days are also the days where we do charity also.
The next day, Saturday, there's a blood donation going on at Baha'i center.
For those who are interested, you are most welcome.
So, I would like to say "Happy Ayyám-i-Há" to all of the Baha'is in the world.

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