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The second country that I would like to visit is..............


I love the building, the culture, the people, the world's first complex high-tech digital technologies in IT, multimedia, entertainment...... , and the amazing view there.
I 1st place that I will go when I arrive at Korea is Seoul Tower.
It is a beautiful panoramic view of Seoul.

Night view of Seoul Tower.

The bar inside.

Picture captured inside the tower, but I'm not sure what is it about. haha...

Well, what will a girl do when she visit the other country?
Yea... It's none other than SHOPPING!!!!!!! Whoo ho...... That's my favourite.
It's fun to buy lots of things, if you have enough money to spend there. haha......
Shopping mall in Seoul... erm... A lot man! Which one should I choose?
I think I will go to the largest underground shopping mall in Asia,
There's a big cinema complex with 16 screen hall called "Megabox".
Entrance of Coex Mall.
I think this is very very cool man.
Just like a high-tech and fashion world inside.
Got aquarium some more. Wow!

The second shopping place in my "mind list" is Myeong-dong shopping area.
Myeong-dong is Korea's trendiest shopping area. Many shops there which are selling clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, cosmetics and more.

Wow, so many people! Just like the chinese sayings, "ren shan ren hai".

Oh, forgot one thing. I bought all the contact lenses which are made in Korea.
For me, I thinkKorean products are trusted.

The next thing, which is quite important for all of the living thing,
that is........ FOOD! Most of the Korean food, well, my opinion is the food are usually sour or spicy taste. So, I have to get use to it if I go there. Cause sour and spicy are not my type.
But, the appearance of the Korean food captured my eyes.
Like it's saying: " What are you waiting for? Don't hesitate anymore. Come and eat me!" haha...
Here are some of the Korean food that I will try out.

Chang mokke sumida= I want to eat now.

Korean BBQ

Korean lunch box. Look nice. Yummy.

Sorry, I don't the name of these food.

Korean people usually have lots of small small dishes in one meal.
Cool man. This means that they have lots of choices to choose the food they like.
I'm going to ask my mum to do like that also. But, I know she will scold me, cause I know she's busy. haha...
Besides all that, Korea have lots of parks.
Now, we are concerning about the environment.
The nature that God had created for human being.

And the other thing that I would like to share is Korean martial art -
Tang Soo Do, 唐手道.

One type of self defence. I've just joined in the club this year. I think it's a bit too late.
But, never mind. Wanna know more?
You are welcome to ask my sinsei. haha...

Besides, I also like the korean drama. The drama which attract my heart and both my eye balls are...

My Girl

Boys over Flowers

Wonderful Life

Movie that I will watch it again and again is "200 pounds of Beauty".

Erm, what else I want to share......
Oh, yeah... Whenever I mention about korea, I won't miss out the singers over there.
Which are my idols also.
Well, one of the are Younha,
which I had mentioned about her on the previous post.

And TVXQ...

And this year the band that I love most is SUPER JUNIOR M.

OMG. Just love their dance, their songs very much. Quite cool also.
Not bad.
Ahh...... One day, I will be there, Korea.

The 2nd song which plays in my mp3 player is the song and the mv of "Seoul" song.
Sing by, Super Junior & Girls' Generation. Quite nice also.

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