Seng Fu's birthday...

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It's a late post by me. Cause I'm quite busy these few days.
Well, my friend, Seng Fu's birthday is on 26th of January.

I first met Seng Fu was on last year.
My friends always mentioned about seng fu, seng fu in his chinese name.
So, I thought it is his nickname that his friends give him.
And in my mind, I'm thinking why he has such a weird nickname?
"Sheng Fu" in chinese words' meaning is the Christian church's Father.
Is it because he is a faithful Christian or what?
As days pass by, I am surprised that his real name is really Seng Fu.
I just can't believe it.
My mum was also very surprise.

Actually he had invited all his friends go to eat steamboat at Hollywood.

I'm not free that day, so I missed it.
Doreen and I decided to give him birthday present.

So, I 'lepak' around the Guardian, wondering what can I buy for him.

SOMETHING captured my eyes. It's hair wax. Lorea'l brand.

Then, I was imagining about Seng Fu's look.
Erm, I think he need this because this year,
he always makes his hair stand straight on his head. haha......
So, here is it.

This the present after I wrapped it.

For me, the appearance of the present looked ... KANASAI.
It's the first time I wrapped round-shaped thing.
No skills..... Hope he will like it anyway.
Happy birthday....

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