Jackson Five

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Phew... Today is the second last day of my March exam.
Tomorrow's test is Sejarah and modern Math. Both are paper 1?
I guess no need to study gua.
Just need to fill up my gun with lots of bullets to shoot for tomorrow's tests.

Then, I think of my form 5 English oral. It was a drama, and our group got mentioned about Jackson Five. This funny idea 'pop' up into my mind when I saw my classmate's hair, Jia Eel.
OMG. He actually has a hairstyle that look similar with the Jackson Five group. LOL.
Perhaps his hairstyle is not "as perfect as" Jackson Five's.
It's actually look like he is survived from a big explosion.
So, I will always call him "Jackson Five" as his nickname.
Besides, he also has another nickname, that's "Charcoal God" because he own a dark skin.

Conclusion: Jia Eel managed to survived after an explosion.

Here's the picture I used in my oral, drama. I want to share with you all before I delete it.....

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  1. Just take an example, then show the picture in front of the class.
    Oh, I didn't take the video in class.
    If not I can upload it in my blog.
    Haiz... The drama is quite funny actually.