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I just found this blog recently, http://ekimura.blogspot.com/.
For girls that are interested in doing make-up, skin care routine, nails, contact lenses....
I strongly recommend this blog to you all.

Main character in the blog: Eki.

She's from Tokyo, Japan. But living in US now.
She works as a professional make-up artist for film.

Eki also reviews on lots of things, such as cosmetics, contact lenses, and many more.
Here, I would tell you that her blog is really amazing.
I always go to her blog to check on her latest blog.

Reasons I LOVE her blog:
1. I can get more information from her blog.
2. All item that reviewed on blog are her 100% honest opinion.
3. I like most of picture that she posted on her blog.
(the picture are very clear and nice.)
4. I've found lots of Japanese songs which I like in her blog.
5. I can find all the trusted and quality products and choose from it. (included food, drinks)

* And Eki posses a beautiful appearances.
When you see her photo posted in her blog, you'll know.
* From her blog, I knew that she likes Kit-Kats a lot. lols....

There's a 1-year-anniversary giveaway by Eki.
For those who are interested, here's the link.

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