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Last week, our school just finish having the netball competition.
This week, I joined the basketball team, and we had another basketball competition at Siburan.
I'm quite surprise because our team won the two games on the first day,
(SM Sains and SMK Batu Kawa).
I just attended the basketball training the day before the competition started.
I injured my legs during the last quarter when competing with SMK Batu Kawa.
Cause that time, everybody jumped to get the rebound including me.
So, I jumped. But when I landed on the ground, somebody's leg hooked on my leg and I fell.
My muscles cramped.
Can you all imagine how shameful it is when you yourself alone sitting on the basketball court while the other players continue to attack or defence?
And all the St. John ambulance and even the referee came to help me.
+.+ I lost my face liao. Tomorrow still have to play with Middle School No.1.....
When the bus came, I can't even go up the bus man!
My teacher and my friends helped me. Oh, thanks to them!
They are indeed very caring.
They helped me to carry my things, helped me to get into the bus........
And the most incredible things happened.
Now, both of my legs' muscles cramped. Damn!
Guess what, teacher and my friend came to 'urut' or what, release my pain and so on.
One of my friend, Z, asked me to open my mouth, put chocolate into my mouth.
Walao. Suddenly felt like I'm the Queen of England.
My God. 1st time in my life got people helped me when my muscles cramp.
Cause usually other people only ask me to rest and leave me alone at the corner.

The Next Day
After we competed, same thing happened again.
Maybe it's the basketball game, need to run here and there, which makes my legs' muscles can't 'tahan' that long. OMG.
When we arrived at school, many friends were shocked seeing me lying on the floor.
Even my netball teacher, Pn Gill came and helped.

But the sad thing is, our school's basketball team (under 18), and netball team (under 15) didn't manage to go into quarter final. The netball player met the referee that is very unreasonable.
They lose because of the referee. Poor thing.

Thanks for everyone. Thank you.

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