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Sports days, 9th and 1oth of April.
I joined the Red Crescent marching band. And we got No. 2, informed by my friend, Hippo.

Maybe the first place goes to St. John, cause today they announced the result.
The sports day held at the Jubilee Ground.
I went there yesterday and took part in the 800 meter run and short put. (category A)
All of the event I took part began in the afternoon. It was a scorching afternoon.

I wonder where is the Sun goes......

Although I've applied layers of sun protector lotion, SPF 5o, it won't help also.
So, i ended up become darker and darker.

My friend, Gloria helped to 'take care' of my cellphone.
Don't know what kind of pictures she took.

Is this her legs?

Don't know why he took so many pictures of this boy.

Siao Char Bo~ Gloria.
Wearing two caps....... =.="

But I still want to thank God to have a friend like her.
She is one of my friend which I can be very crazy with.

My God! 1st time I took part in 800 meter running event.
I already injured my legs, my muscles, but still 'kei kiang' went to compete gok.
My hair band, don't know why suddenly fell down and I still kept on running because I don't want to let my 'Rumah Biru' down.
In the end, my muscles cramped again after I arrived at the finishing line.
I was very very exhausted.
What will you think of when you are thirsty?

haha.... The St. John members came to help and they gave me a cup of 100 plus.
Thanks. Gee, their service are not bad.
I didn't manage to get any place in the short put event.
After the 800 meter run, I don't have extra energy to throw the 'peluru' far enough.
Plus, the 'peluru' is very heavy man. About 4-5 kg if I'm not mistaken.

When I woke up today, all my muscles are very painful and I refused to move them.
I'm still very tired man!

Wearing Red Crescent uniform with 'Odango' hairstyle.

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