A different Saturday.

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Usually, on Saturday, my dad will bring the family go shopping, having dinner outside.
Cause Saturday is our "Family Day". LOL.
Saturday's activities.

Tai Chi training, doing Sivik project, then got the Tang Soo Do, taking picture session and Tang Soo Do training.
Eric and myself...

My back is very painful. Dunno why, the muscles at the back are very tight.
Maybe is lack of exercise. haha.....
After the Tang Soo Do, Eric, Doreen, Seng Fu and me went to have drinks.
Eric bring us with his "Altis". LOL. My comment about his driving skills, good and steady.

I spent the whole time with the "mini notebook".
This technology kills me a lot because, with the presence of this thing, I can't stop to go to FACEBOOK, listening to songs, blogging. Arhh.....
Can't concentrate on my studies anymore.
My mum and I went to Wisma Satok to shop, then went to Wisma Hopoh......
Lea Centre is having a big sale. Most of the shoes are half price or more.
My mum bought two pairs of shoes. She doesn't aloud me to buy sport shoes cause she doesn't want me to participate in any "Sports" competition as the SPM is coming soon.
I'm not used to wear high heels, so in the end I managed to find this.

Went to Tze Syn's house around 6.30 pm, attending her birthday party.
I'm late cause shopping until I didn't realized the time passed.
First time I become like a crazy person. All of us played with water balloons.
We felt very "High" with the water. LOL.

Drying my clothes, Gloria is behind me.
*Camera quality not good. pai sei.

Then we had the musical chairs game.
Most of the friends were wet because we did our part. haha.......
Sorry friends, but no choice.
We really had fun tonight.
Thanks and Happy Birthday, Tze Syn.

Tonight I was informed by the T.S. Club that I was the Educational Department's leader of the club.LOL. I really need to work very hard to be the"Leader", and do my part to bring other members' result up... up.... up...., higher, higher and higher.
Thanks for all the members' support. LOL.

Don't make me laugh, cause it's hard for me to stop.
Cheers. ^6^

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