Happy Birthday, Daddy...

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This blueberry cheese cake is very nice man!
(oh, no! It makes my weight gain again.)

There's not enough air in the house man!!!!
Yeap, today is my dad's 51-year-old birthday.
This is the first time we had a "crowded" party in my house.

mountain people mountain sea.
(* All my uncles, aunties, cousins were squeezing together.)

Chinese tradition,

(Food and drinks prepared by aunties and mum...)

My elder brother said the made this...
Fruits salad.

My dad cooked this.

Guess who is this?
The main character of the day...

This naughty little kid
my annoying brother.

(Playing around and bullying each other.)

Still remember that I've once having a bad mood in my entire life, scolded by my mum.
And it was he, my dad, who took me to the McDonald and cheered me up.
There was a time when I went back home in midnight, cause busy helping my religion's stuff.....
When I went home, everyone slept already. And I was shocked that the lamp at my house's car park lighted up. My mum told me it was my dad switched on the light, scared that I can't see in the dark. And I was very touched my his action, his love and care for me.
Thanks dad, love you forever.

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