Youth gathering// Better man

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I joined the Baha'i youth gathering tonight.

Avenue: Uncle Lee and Aunty Marilyn's house
(thanks them for be so generous lending their house for our activity)
The person who organized this activity: Ilmy and Yen San.

(This is the picture of all the youth participated tonight.
All the blessed faces.)

I really want to thanks them for awaking me how great the power, we, as a youth to teach the Course, spread the Faith, and we can actually change the world.
In the gathering, it was very fun.
I enjoyed the food, the songs, games......
This activity had actually makes me gain back my spirit for the Faith.

Every time I get involve in these activities, eg. go teaching, conduct children classes, study circles, do some service for the community, helping the others......
It actually makes me feel good, keep reminding me about God, and I will always feel like I'm blessed.

So, I'm very glad to be a Baha'i and hope to serve more for the faith.

P.S. 我无意间听到了Arwin was playing his guitar in his room when we were solving the puzzle.
The song he was playing ~~~ "Better man". (playing in the mp3)
It reminds me to be a BETTER MAN all the time.
I promise that I will help all the people that is around me who needs help if I'm capable of.
I''ll try my best to help.

Lord, I'm doing all I can,
to be a better man.

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