Hada Labo~~~

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Before I start writing this blog, I'm still on "2pm fever"........ @.@

And one of the members caught my attention,
Taec Yeon.
He's very handsome, muscular, man, cute and a good swimmer too!

This guy is making me insane.

Whoo hoo......
I've seen this brand since the beginning of this year, and I just bought it today.
Hada Labo, Tamagohada. For your information, "Tamago" means "egg" and "Hada" means "skin" in japanese.
It consists of BHA (salicylic acid), and AHA (alpha hydroxy acid).
I've heard of a lot of positive feedback about this product and I'm going to try it out.
And, here's the one I'm buying.

The thing that was driving me crazy when I found one information from the facial tube there was, at the end of all the steps, ingredients and address, I saw these words........
I know there's limited space in Japan to have a factory producing their product, so they opened factories in China.
But I want the one which is made in JAPAN.
Well, I guess I don't have another option here.

My next target will be this one.

Well, I'm very active in sports and thus having a quite dark skin.
The facial above consists of "Arbutin", which can lightens the skin colour.
Hope it can helps me out! LOL.

*I don't want to buy the one which is~MADE IN CHINA!!!!!!!

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