Birthday + Christmas.

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This year's Christmas was indeed quite special.
I didn't celebrate it with my parents, cause they were out for work.
Haizzzz...... Can't believe it!
I stayed in the house the whole morning and afternoon, not going out of the house.
Watching the Idol Show hosted by Korean idol that I'm crazy about~ 2PM, from morning till evening.

*These pictures make me laugh till my jaw hit the ground.*

It is indeed no doubt that I'm addicted to them~
Thought that I will not be going out of the house for today, and just let it be kind of normal day.
But, my brother came back home from town and brought my younger brother and me to have our dinner at "Sharing" restaurant.
We ordered chicken chop, hot chocolate, iced cappuccino and so on.
The food there was very nice, and made us very full.
What a nice dinner! C:

We were then went to the Spring shopping mall, and the shop that I wanted to go was Nature Republic.
I bought 4 items for my birthday and Christmas presents.
With the member card, plus the member's birthday discount, total got 15% discount.
I really LOVE this Korea brand-Nature Republic a lot and I'll support it's product for the rest of my life. LOL.
Here's the items I bought:
1. Green tea foam cleanser.
2. Brightening mask
3. Baby tok-lip and cheek
4. Pretty tree wood eyeliner

These items can actually make me happy for one month.
* Is it too short? haha......

After that we went to 101 there to buy some food for mum and dad.
We bought fried lao shu fen, cha kueh, peppermint cake and chocolate biscuits at Taiwan Cake House.

Reached home around 10pm and had our supper together.
Well, this was a different birthday and Christmas day for me, cause I celebrated with my brothers. And I had fun with them. Yes, I'm blessed.
So, thanks, brothers.

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