My handsome butler, 我的帅管家

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I finished watching this Japanese drama within 2-3 days.
This Japanese drama only has 10 episodes.
But the contents were amazing.
It's about the craziest things that a normal girl will usually dream for~ a handsome guy helps you in your daily routine. Ask whatever you want him to do and he will do it for you. They are all well-trained butler and will always beside you, cook meal for you and even protecting you all the time.
Crazy right? haha......

This drama is very nice.
At first you will not think so, but please keep on watching.
You will not regret.
Watch how all the butlers take care of their girls.

This is the top butler that all of the girls wanted.
Actually, in this drama, all of the girls had their own butler.
And they are used to their own butler and build up kind of special relationship.
You will see how they want to retain their own butler when certain things(difficulties) come up, and also how Mei (the main character) be friend with her classmates because at first all of her classmates don't like her and always bully her a lot.

That's all for now.
Hope you will like it.

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