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I went to swim today, at Water Park(Stampark), BDC.

Arrived there around 4.00pm. Although the sunlight was not so strong, but my skin still become darker. Maybe it's because the ozone layer is missing, no protection anymore. And that's why we need to save the world right now from getting even worst.
Don't know how? Click here. Perhaps this can help you out.

There's not many people at first, but when my brother and I was about to leave, people started to come in groups.
The system there was upgraded already, you need to buy ticket for entrance. (Adult=RM5.50, forgot children is how much already) The ticket got bar code on it and you need to scan on the entrance machine to open the gate, just like the one when you want to use LRT.

This is the standard swimming pool for competition if I'm not mistaken.

This is the one I went, from shallow and slowly become deeper.
Swimming is very fun.
But first, you must know how to

I got something funny to show you here, a show that is related to swimming.
The funniest part is the last part.
Keep watching!


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