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One of the instrument that I LOVE most, acoustic guitar.
I prefer acoustic guitar because it is easier to carry around whenever I go and I like the sound of the guitar.
The feeling is just very soothing and makes me relax.
And that's why I started learning guitar a few years ago.
I went to the Lee Music Center for about two months and practice it myself at home.
I'm playing it now, but still at the OK-standard.

Strumming, plucking....
I can't keep my nails longer as I need to press on the guitar strings.
When the right sound, or right tune comes out, it worth it all.
Because I'm interested in playing guitar, I'm also amazed by those who plays guitar, especially when they are singing.
e.g. Joseph Vincent, Khalil Fong, Jung Yong Hwa, Jung Sungha and more.
And the songs I like most is also acoustic songs.

Without these sounds, musics, voices vibrating my ear drums, I can't live happily on Earth.



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随着时代的变迁, 我们已生活在钢骨水泥的世界里。




“助人为快乐之本” 何时变成了 “助人为麻烦之本”?






Eric Yeo

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This is a post about my beloved *male* friend, Eric Yeo.
[a.k.a. Sweating stone~]

This is how he looks.

He went to New Zealand for further study.
And all of the friends here are missing him very much, including me, and especially Adrian Chai
[one of my closest *male* friend].

Whenever I need help, he will help me within his capacity and sincerity.
For me, he is a "chatter box", the same thing goes to his best friend ever~ Adrian Chai.
We chat, do things, shopping, and even sharing food together no matter where we are, [but usually is at school].
Now, we graduated the secondary school.
And I really miss the time when we were in school, meet all of my friends everyday, know about their condition, sharing our dreams, listening to teacher [although more than 10 of the students are sleeping, chatting, laughing, eating, dreaming, and even pretend to listen but they are actually not.] And having PJ lesson. I just miss that time very much.

Ok, back to Eric Yeo.
1. He went to the same primary school I went~SJK Chung Hua No. 6 [but we were
not in the same class.]
2. We were librarian when were in primary school, [but he said that he didn't
recognize me when I told him this year, 2011. Well, maybe he forgot already.]
3. Still remember that we got our PMR result together on the year 2008. We walked
back home together, with his friend, Adrian Chai.
And that's the begining of my friendship with Adrian.

4. He is actually a humble, and nice gentleman. He treats his friends very good, I mean all of the people around him.
5. When I was in Form 4, he taught me how to solve Rubix cube patiently.
6. He shares everything he had with his friends.
7. Besides, he will always be our driver whenever we go shopping around Kuching,
sending each and everyone of us back home.
8. We went to sing K the first time. He and Adrian are having super nice and soothing
voices when they sing together, especially when they are singing David Tao's songs.

9.And don't forget we watched movie too. He'll watch any movies you want, as long
as he hasn't watch it before.
10. He likes to act cute some time, [taking photo], *camwhore*, doing stupid things.
11. He will just be very nice whenever some of the naughty boys in our class make or
say funny things to him. He can accept the jokes and just laugh together.
12. The most dangerous thing he does is whenever he's driving~looking and touching
his hair by looking at the back mirror. LOL.
And much much more of our memories.

Now, he's leaving.
He left a letter into my box letter outside my house.
I'm not going to the airport cause I think my tears will pour.
I want him to leave happily, and not making the situation worst.
So, all my best wishes to him when he's in New Zealand.

Don't bully the sheep and cows, Eric.

Thanks for being my friend, and everything you did for me.
I miss you very much, Eric Yeo.


Working days...

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I started working on the year 2011 since I had a long break after my HUGE examination last year.
I had 6 months holidays at the moment hopefully. LOL.
6 months holidays. I will be going very crazy if I'm not doing anything and just staying at home everyday. Besides 2pm-ing, [ I'm still on *2pm fever* and it won't get off easily.]

I watch Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese dramas whenever I'm free........
Online shopping, go to YouTube listening to songs and so on.

My life becomes more and more interesting until I found a job, selling fishes in an aquarium shop.
It was my friend's shop, Emily. She was my classmate and we both love Nature Republic a lot.

I did lots of things with her and gain lots of knowledge while I'm working in her shop.
~ Catch fishes with net and bare hands.
~ Pack the fishes into plastic bag.
~ Feed the fishes.
~ Know about the things that are needed while buying the aquarium, oxygen pump and stuff.
~ Found out that some of the big fishes eat worms. [ And until now I still don't dare to touch and catch the worms for customers. =.='']

~ Kill the cockroach.
~ Pack out the stock.

The most unforgettable memory was when we were in the storeroom. It was dark [because the light was blocked by the stocks] and has foul smells [it is actually the smell of rats]. We are both scared of the rats. When we went to the storeroom the first day, we heard the rats were making some kind of rat-sound which freaked us out. So, we opened some rats poison and intended to kill the rats. The rats ate some of the fish food and the rats' shits were all over the floor.

It was unbelievable that we managed to clean the storeroom clean before we left that day, although we were accompanied by scary rats. LOL.
And guess what, the smell of rats become stronger the other day and one of the Indonesia worker saw one dead rat on the floor. It was about 10 cm from our spot, while we were packing the dog food and we don't even know about the death of the rat. OMG.
We screamed on top of our voice when we saw the dead rat.
Now you can imagine the scene when you saw us screaming.
Our image will be destroyed. haha...

The part that I like most while working at her shop is whenever there have new fishes arrive.
Although it is the busiest day ever, but I'm still having a lot of fun, unpack all the fishes from plastic bags and bring the fishes into large aquarium.
You can never feel the fun unless you try it yourself.

Here are some photos I took.

The aquariums.

This is the fish that I love~ Angel fish.

There are also food and homes for dog, cat, turtle,fish, rabbit and their houses as well.
Interesting is asking any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.
That's all.



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白 + 黑 = 灰
天堂 + 地狱= 人生



I can't [2PM] + lyric + download link

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This is a new song by 2PM, one of the Korean idol which I love it very much.
Here's the link---
I can't.

This post is to share with you the song that warms my heart up every time, no matter where I am, and what I do in my daily life. It really melts my heart, and a smile just appear on my face without noticing it myself.

It's one of my TOP favourite song now!!!!


I'll wait until you come back
Cause I can't forget your love
I think my tears will flow
When I think about you
I just keep going deeper
I can't stop thinkin' about your love
I don't think I can forget
Everything about you
I don't think I could believe it
If you come back

*I can't forget your love
Until whenever
I'll wait until you come back
I can't forget your love
I'll wait until forever
Cause I can't
I can't forget your love

Thinking about you
I stay up all night when I can't sleep
I can't hold back the tears that flow
Sometimes I cried alone
In this world, I have no one but you
I lost you
And I had nothing left
So I can't forget your love

I've never tried to forget you before
Because it was just worthless to me
The things I remember about you everyday
Are as precious to me as breathing, so
I can't forget your love
Girl, you know that I need your love
I need your everything
I need you back
I can wait
Till you come back
Come back to me

Here's the Romanization Lyric.
For those who are interested in singing this song, hope it helps you~

Geudae ol ttaekkaji kidarilkke
Cuz I can't forget your love
Nunmuri heureulgeot gata
Geudae saenggakman hamyeon

Galsurok gipeoman ga
I can't stop Thinking about your love

Ijeul su eopseul geot gata
Geudae modeun geot

[Nichkhun & Chansung]
Mideul su eopseul geot gata
Geudae doraondamyeon

I can't forget your love
Eonje kkajirado nan
Geudae ol ttaekkaji kidarilkke

I can't forget your love
Eonje kkajirado kidarilkke
Cuz I can't, I can't forget your love

Geudae saenggake jam mot
Deuneun bameul ji saeuda
Heureulgeot gateun nunmureul chamji
Mothae gakkeum honja I cried

Isesange geudae bake
Eopneun nayeotgie

Geudaereul irhgo naege nameun geoseun
Amugeotdo eopseosseo

[Wooyoung & Chansung]
So I can't forget your love

I can't forget your love
Eonje kkajirado nan
Geudae ol ttaekkaji kidarilkke

I can't forget your love
Eonje kkajirado kidarilkke
Cuz I can't, I can't forget your love

Ijeuryeogo haebonjeokdo eopseo
Naegen gachi eopneun iriraseo
Geudael tteoollineun iri maeil naegeneun
Sumswineun geotmankkeum sojonghae
I can't forget your love Uh
Girl you know that I need your love
I need your everything I need you back
Kidaril su isseo till you come back
Comeback to me

I can't forget your love (forget your love)
Eonjekkajirado nan
Geudae ol ttaekkaji kidarilkke (kidarilkke baby)

I can't forget your love (forget your love)
Eonjekkajirado kidarilkke
Cuz I can't (I can't)
I can't forget your love

I can't forget your love
(I can't forget your love)
Eonjekkajirado nan (oh)
Geudae ol ttaekkaji kidarilkke (kidarilkke)

I can't forget your love (forget your love)
Eonjekkajirado kidarilkke
Cuz I can't (cuz I can't)
I can't forget your love~

I just wanna be with you
I just wanna be with you
You know my heartbeat

*Happy New Year*

<[I can't forget you, 2PM]

Hope that you'll love this song too~