Eric Yeo

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This is a post about my beloved *male* friend, Eric Yeo.
[a.k.a. Sweating stone~]

This is how he looks.

He went to New Zealand for further study.
And all of the friends here are missing him very much, including me, and especially Adrian Chai
[one of my closest *male* friend].

Whenever I need help, he will help me within his capacity and sincerity.
For me, he is a "chatter box", the same thing goes to his best friend ever~ Adrian Chai.
We chat, do things, shopping, and even sharing food together no matter where we are, [but usually is at school].
Now, we graduated the secondary school.
And I really miss the time when we were in school, meet all of my friends everyday, know about their condition, sharing our dreams, listening to teacher [although more than 10 of the students are sleeping, chatting, laughing, eating, dreaming, and even pretend to listen but they are actually not.] And having PJ lesson. I just miss that time very much.

Ok, back to Eric Yeo.
1. He went to the same primary school I went~SJK Chung Hua No. 6 [but we were
not in the same class.]
2. We were librarian when were in primary school, [but he said that he didn't
recognize me when I told him this year, 2011. Well, maybe he forgot already.]
3. Still remember that we got our PMR result together on the year 2008. We walked
back home together, with his friend, Adrian Chai.
And that's the begining of my friendship with Adrian.

4. He is actually a humble, and nice gentleman. He treats his friends very good, I mean all of the people around him.
5. When I was in Form 4, he taught me how to solve Rubix cube patiently.
6. He shares everything he had with his friends.
7. Besides, he will always be our driver whenever we go shopping around Kuching,
sending each and everyone of us back home.
8. We went to sing K the first time. He and Adrian are having super nice and soothing
voices when they sing together, especially when they are singing David Tao's songs.

9.And don't forget we watched movie too. He'll watch any movies you want, as long
as he hasn't watch it before.
10. He likes to act cute some time, [taking photo], *camwhore*, doing stupid things.
11. He will just be very nice whenever some of the naughty boys in our class make or
say funny things to him. He can accept the jokes and just laugh together.
12. The most dangerous thing he does is whenever he's driving~looking and touching
his hair by looking at the back mirror. LOL.
And much much more of our memories.

Now, he's leaving.
He left a letter into my box letter outside my house.
I'm not going to the airport cause I think my tears will pour.
I want him to leave happily, and not making the situation worst.
So, all my best wishes to him when he's in New Zealand.

Don't bully the sheep and cows, Eric.

Thanks for being my friend, and everything you did for me.
I miss you very much, Eric Yeo.

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