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One of the instrument that I LOVE most, acoustic guitar.
I prefer acoustic guitar because it is easier to carry around whenever I go and I like the sound of the guitar.
The feeling is just very soothing and makes me relax.
And that's why I started learning guitar a few years ago.
I went to the Lee Music Center for about two months and practice it myself at home.
I'm playing it now, but still at the OK-standard.

Strumming, plucking....
I can't keep my nails longer as I need to press on the guitar strings.
When the right sound, or right tune comes out, it worth it all.
Because I'm interested in playing guitar, I'm also amazed by those who plays guitar, especially when they are singing.
e.g. Joseph Vincent, Khalil Fong, Jung Yong Hwa, Jung Sungha and more.
And the songs I like most is also acoustic songs.

Without these sounds, musics, voices vibrating my ear drums, I can't live happily on Earth.

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