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I started working on the year 2011 since I had a long break after my HUGE examination last year.
I had 6 months holidays at the moment hopefully. LOL.
6 months holidays. I will be going very crazy if I'm not doing anything and just staying at home everyday. Besides 2pm-ing, [ I'm still on *2pm fever* and it won't get off easily.]

I watch Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese dramas whenever I'm free........
Online shopping, go to YouTube listening to songs and so on.

My life becomes more and more interesting until I found a job, selling fishes in an aquarium shop.
It was my friend's shop, Emily. She was my classmate and we both love Nature Republic a lot.

I did lots of things with her and gain lots of knowledge while I'm working in her shop.
~ Catch fishes with net and bare hands.
~ Pack the fishes into plastic bag.
~ Feed the fishes.
~ Know about the things that are needed while buying the aquarium, oxygen pump and stuff.
~ Found out that some of the big fishes eat worms. [ And until now I still don't dare to touch and catch the worms for customers. =.='']

~ Kill the cockroach.
~ Pack out the stock.

The most unforgettable memory was when we were in the storeroom. It was dark [because the light was blocked by the stocks] and has foul smells [it is actually the smell of rats]. We are both scared of the rats. When we went to the storeroom the first day, we heard the rats were making some kind of rat-sound which freaked us out. So, we opened some rats poison and intended to kill the rats. The rats ate some of the fish food and the rats' shits were all over the floor.

It was unbelievable that we managed to clean the storeroom clean before we left that day, although we were accompanied by scary rats. LOL.
And guess what, the smell of rats become stronger the other day and one of the Indonesia worker saw one dead rat on the floor. It was about 10 cm from our spot, while we were packing the dog food and we don't even know about the death of the rat. OMG.
We screamed on top of our voice when we saw the dead rat.
Now you can imagine the scene when you saw us screaming.
Our image will be destroyed. haha...

The part that I like most while working at her shop is whenever there have new fishes arrive.
Although it is the busiest day ever, but I'm still having a lot of fun, unpack all the fishes from plastic bags and bring the fishes into large aquarium.
You can never feel the fun unless you try it yourself.

Here are some photos I took.

The aquariums.

This is the fish that I love~ Angel fish.

There are also food and homes for dog, cat, turtle,fish, rabbit and their houses as well.
Interesting is asking any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.
That's all.

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