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I ♥ my family.
I ♥ friends.
I ♥ to give service.
I ♥ Christmas.
I ♥ guitar.
I ♥ songs.
I ♥ idols, [2PM, 2 AM, Khalil Fong, Joseph Vincent, Hebe...]
I ♥ sports.
I ♥ traveling.
I ♥ reading.
I ♥ to laugh.

I've found this amazing thing in the entire universe~ LOVE ♥.
Love the things around us, love the things we do, our job or career.
Do all the things with our love in our heart, we'll see the difference.

Our community is lack of love nowadays as technology is becoming more and more advance as time goes by. Life are getting harder, disasters happen everywhere.
The miracle of our love will create the most important truth to us.
With this mindset in all of us, we can change the world.
And I believe it, now and always.

Lets see what Khalil Fong will says about this---How far would you go for LOVE?

"'... I'd go as long as it takes for love."---Khalil.

[...let your heart burn with loving kindness for all who may cross your path.]
This is the quote I like most.
So, reflect your love to others, so that they can spread it to other people as well.

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