Around Kuching

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These days were very tired. It happened last week ago, and I'm sharing it now.
*I'm totally beaten by the laziness of myself.*

My cousin, named Sit Chen, a petite young lady from Miri, came to Kuching alone by airplane.
So brave, right? [LOL. Just Kidding] Actually, she was sent by her company to Kuching for one month training. And we brought her out from her hotel to hang around in Kuching.

These are the places we went:

1. Riverside + Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) + Petra Jaya
[Sarawak River Cruise]

The first time we went there was at night.
We intended to sit on the "sampan" boat to the opposite side, which is the DUN.
But we saw all of the "sampan" just stopped beside the river, no people inside,
so in the end we don't have the other choice but to give up.

My cousin said that she has never sit on the "sampan" before and want to try it as she was in Kuching that time. So we went there the second time.

The boat fee are very cheap. One way to the opposite side need around 50 cents.

When I stepped into the "sampan" boat, the boat was shaking like there's earthquake happening.
*worst than the earthquake*
It just can't stop on shaking. LOL. OMG. Headache.

Sitting inside the boat, I'm thinking of how to safe myself when the boat sinks.
haha... But it never happen though. I'm thinking too much.

There was a couple from the western country were with us inside the boat.
They told us that they saw one giant crocodile near the trees beside the riverbank.
I've been living in Kuching since I was born, but never see a crocodile appear in the river, especially in the town area. The couple was very friendly and shared their experiences with us about their trip to Kuching. The shocking thing was that they said "selamat tinggal" to us when we reached back to the riverside.
*Selamat tinggal = Good bye.*

So, up there are the pictures of DUN.
The court of the state of Sarawak.
We can't go in during the weekends, and only open for visitors to visit during the office hour.

If you don't know the place in the picture above, some people may think that it looks like a scene in Korea park. Cause the trees there are really beautiful. Well, it's the area around Petra Jaya.

2. Jalan Song, One Jaya
3. 101 food street. *Best food court ever in Kuching.*
4. The Spring
Still remember that we went to the cinema around 10.3opm.
Watched the Sanctum movie in 3D.
That movie reminded me how important OXYGEN is.
haha... And I think I cried. But only 2 or 3 drops of precious tears.

5. Boulevard
6. Tarot cafe

7. Sharing planet
The scene at Sharing Planet are really beautiful and relaxing.

8. Kado *Corner*
This is really a nice place for you and your friends chat together, playing cards, games, reading books and so on.
The design and the decoration of the cafe there is very unique, like some kind of vacation house.
You will enjoy there.

9. Pullman
10. Four Point
11. Borneo Convention Center

12. Airport

There maybe some places that I left out, cause the other one is not in the town area.
Well, I think we did travel all around Kuching until don't where we are suppose to go.
LOL. Some maybe fun, but same might feel very bored.
But when I'm thinking back to that moments, all I can say is...... TIRED MAN!!!!

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