My Chingu, Abby.

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Well, before one of my best friend, Abigail goes to West Malaysia to further her study, we planned to hang out again. LOL.

I've met Abby when we were in primary school.
We were in the same class that time.
Then we went in the same middle school, but in different classes.
In the year 2009, we were in the same class again, 4sc2.
Continued in 2010, 5sc2.
We like to play guitar, like the same idol---Younha, same taste of style, opinions and so on.
That's when we became closer to each other since then.

So, we hanged out on Monday. This time our plan were different.
We usually go out with our own transport, if not, Adrian will be our driver.
Now, we used the public bus.

Abby came to my house and I helped her to install the phone adapter things as we bought the same cellphone, that is Samsung Wave 723.
It is a touch screen phone and I have no idea why I would probably chose the touch screen phone cause last time I had a bad impression of touch screen phone. LOL [ Maybe most of the Korean actors are using it in the drama?] I'm weird right?
But after a week, I'm used to the phone already, and I'm not regretting after I bought that phone cause it's good. The screen is very clear, the photos taken are nice, it has flash with the camera, a leather flip cover and the
metallic cover body. Yes, metallic cover. Unlike the other touch screen phone which is made up of plastic cover.

Actually, there's another male friend of us bought the same phone also, Kim.
And guess what, all of our phones are also the same colour, Titan black.
That's the advantages of buying the same new phone with friends.
Cause we will definitely use it and discuss together about the phone's application and the problems we faced when we don't know how to solve the problems or use the application.
Right? Now, we trio have another new topic to chat about it. Nice right?
I always check on my phone whenever I go out with them cause I'm scared that we took the wrong phone, especially Abby, as she's about to go to KL (west Malaysia) very soon. haha....

After fixing the phone stuff, her mum drove us to meet Adrian at Wisma Hopoh, and we started to walk to the main bus station nearby for about 5 minutes.
The weather was burning hot, and Adrian was sweating a lot. LOL.
He looked like raining all over his head, down his face.
Luckily I brought a packet of tissue paper to rescue him.
Yes, I'm the "Hero" of the day! [nah... just kidding.]

Arrived at the main bus station, we were looking for the bus which got passes through the Spring Shopping Mall. And we found it, the bus which labeled K8 if I'm not mistaken.
It was very crowded in the bus on Monday morning, and we didn't know why.
The seats were all occupied by the old adults. Balik kampung? Well, I'm not so sure.
We had no other choice beside standing. So, let's stand.

* Abby*

* Crowded*

*RM 1 per person for the bus ticket*

*While waiting for the bus to start moving, Adrian wore my shoes. It did fit into Adrian's foot cause my foot's size is bigger than his. LOL.*

I believe the thing we enjoyed very much inside the bus was when we were chatting together.
Our topic will never leave the Korean stuff behind. We talked about SNSD's song~ Hoot which sang by the female actor, Lee Seol in the Korean drama, My princess.
And then the words that Lee Seol ever said in the drama--- *No te munida... No te munida, Park Hae Young... No te munida* [No te munida = because of you]
Then after that was the disaster happens on Earth. It's pretty sad to talk about it.
And we are all blessed to be safe here.

So, here we arrived. The Spring shopping mall.
Shopped around in the MPH bookstore, Factory Outlet Store (FOS), Parkson, Watson...
We didn't went to Nature Republic as we usually do because the stock hasn't arrive yet and felt very *pai sei* to go in and didn't buy anything. [ But we always did that though. LOL.]
In Parkson, we shopped for the clothes.
Adrian and Abigail were busy looking for the clothes.

*Adrian---digging to search for the shirt he want.*

*Abby---just mess the clothes around. haha...*
*Kidding. She was finding some short pants. But pink really doesn't suite her.*

And this is the reason why they will search for the clothes they want. [see the picture below]
*haha... *

Next place we went - LEA Center.
Just went there and commented their shoes. LOL.

And the main activity began.
That is singing session.
We use to sing a lot since last year and get addicted.
Whenever we are thinking back about this, it's actually a waste of money after singing for 3 hours in K box. It just makes us to have sore throat after singing for that long.
But we love singing. Haizzz....

We shopped again to the Ta Kiong supermarket and Magic Bite.

We had a great time together.
Yeah, especially the chatting part.
It's really nice to share our thoughts and opinions together without noticing the time passes by.
haha... What a group of nice friends I had.
Gathering leads to separation.
We met our friends in certain situations, having lots of memories, friendship becomes stronger and deeper. Time goes by, we can't predict what future will bring to us. Now, it's separation. We can't help it but to appreciate all the things we've been through.

Thanks for sharing everything with me.
Thanks for helping me whenever I need help.
Thanks for going through think and thin with me.
Thanks for bringing so much laughter and joy to me.
Thanks for being my friend, Abby.

You are my best CHINGU forever, Abby.

Now and always.

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