Korean songs.

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I flipped through my phone, wondering which songs to listen while mopping the floor.
For your information, I really like musics and songs a lot.
Cause without this entertainment, I'll be very lonely, and my life will full with dullness.
People say: Music is universal.
No matter which country are you from, races, background, culture and more, musics can connect us together.

Well, although I'm a pure Chinese girl, but the songs that saved in my phone most of it are Korean songs, which is more than the Chinese songs. LOL.
Due to the fact that I'm a K-pop lover, so I'm addicted to the Korean song.
Although I can't understand the language, but I like the tone, musics, and the beat.

Besides, I believe that those who like to watch Korean drama will definitely go to download the drama OST songs. Right? I'm a K-drama lover, so I know it very well as I'm crazy over the drama OST also. haha....
I prefer Korean drama rather than the Taiwanese, Hong Kong and Singapore drama.
Maybe the Korean one is more romantic, the actors are pretty and handsome, *with the Korean background*, and can makes me very exciting I guess.
Oh, no. Addicted again. But I'm willing to fall in love with it.

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