Near to Nature.

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Again, this is a late post by me.
* Cause I'm busy doing my work and watching the new Korean drama- 49 Days*

A group of energized youths planned to enjoy God's Nature during last weekend.
We chose Damai at first, but after discussing, we decided to go to Matang Family park, which has waterfalls. Then, we continue the day by going to beach around Lundu there. Kill two birds with only one stone, genius. Haha...

I like this youth group a lot cause we can do things together, and more despite of they are from different places.
* Yih Ven- Jenjarum
* Annabelle- Sibu
* Quddus - Sibu
* Sears- Dubai
* Kai Ung- Miri
* Felix- Kuching
* Shirin- Seratok
* Amy- Kuching
* Arwin- Kuching
* Ah Seng- Tawau
* ME- Kuching

Matang's waterfall.

While walking up to the waterfall, we actually saw lots of insects and another horrible living thing- small snake. Yes, snake, swaying along the small and dry drain.
After climbing a few "soil-made-stairs", we found one small waterfall.
The water was quite cold as it flows from the top of the mountain.
And there were some small fishes swimming, eating some of our dead skin cells as they were biting our feet [ I think].
Well, most of the boys are quite naughty sometime, even as they grow up. haha...
All of the boys climbed up the stones to go up further and higher to the top of the waterfall.
Then climbed down again. LOL. So lame, right?
Felix eventually jumped down into the water from the top of waterfall.
Water splashed on everyone.
Now you can imagine what's our expression are like when we are splashed by COLD water.

Lundu's beach

There's a road which connects Matang to Lundu.
So we went to Lundu using that road. The road is quite special cause it is separated by rivers.
To arrive Lundu, we need to pass through rivers by using bridges and ferry.

Don't know how to swim?
Do not PANIC.
They have this things.* A scene on the ferry.*

Driving... Walking... And when we see this...
And this...
Yes, we are on the beach now!!!!
Smelling the saltiness of the aroma of the air, the smooth wind caress our faces, and the splashing sound of the waves, Wootzzz!!! WOW.

*Sears was playing guitar on beach. Nice man!*

*covering one of our friends with wet sand*
*childish, but fun.*

In the end we took photos, and leaving some footprints on beach.
[Although we know that sea waves will make those footprints disappear.]

We had dinner after that and went home.
That's it.

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