Baking course

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My friend, Doreen invited my to join the baking course last week at Bau.
It was a very good experience cause the mystery of how to make the shapes, design of the buns are revealed here.
Yes, it's true!
We always go to the bakery shop there to buy buns, pie, puffs and so on.
Looking of different kind of the shapes, I'm thinking like how all those bakery people create these shapes and stuff.
Now, I knew that the steps are very easy.
Well, we really had lots of fun learning and seeing all the secrets revealed. haha...

Here's some of the pictures I took.

Before we put into the oven,
Buns... Chicken pie...

Sausage buns...


Buns...Chicken pie...

Zoom in....

Yum yum!!!!

The cheese on top of the pie melt successfully.
Nice right? LOL.

Ok, I know I have to stop now.
Getting hungry already.

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