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I've been working at this cafe this year, second week of March, introduced by my tuition's teacher.
And I have no idea why I have the courage to go to interview this job, work as a waitress.
Well, I went and started working.

I met 5 workers in the begining. [ Cindy, Shirley, Sin Ting, Fabian, and the chef-aunty Zaiton.]
*Me + Cindy*
Cindy-the person who is in charge of the cafe.
The first time I met her, she looks very cute, pretty, petite little lady.
She's patient in teaching me new things, sharing her GM, General Manager of her college whom she admire very much. But I'm very scared of her whenever she's angry. LOL.

*Shirley + me*
Shirley-the "senior" cashier of the cafe.
She was the person who interviewed me.
That day, was the first time I entered the cafe.
She told me to sit down for a while cause they were busy serving the customers.
Her face looked so impatient and angry. Well, maybe cause it's too busy and stress comes.
But after I worked with her these few months, it's not what I think.
She's interested stuff relating to Korea, which is same with me!!!!
Oh, my buddy~
And so, we started discussing like everything relating to Korea.
The fashion, idols, songs, drama, etc.
Wow! For me, it's like a kind of soul mate who can chat everything you are interested to together.
Every time I work with her, it's always very adventurous cause you don't know what will happen next.
Like I mentioned at the first place, Shirley is a cashier, but she told me that she doesn't know how to cook. Whenever there's no fast food left or there's something that request by customers, she'll ask me to cook in the kitchen when the chef was not working that day.
Exciting and adventurous huh? haha.

Sin Ting-the junior cashier.
I didn't have much memories with her as she left us after a couple of weeks we met.
She left, resigned her job cause she was on vacation with her family to Kim Men, Taiwan.
Oh my, I'm so envy of her. I really want to travel to Taiwan.

Fabian-the drink maker.
He's pro in making all kinds of drinks due to his 3 months experiences in the cafe. LOL.
He's also the food taster in the cafe. haha...
He's very talented in singing, but I don't like his way of singing. Weird huh? It's just not my taste.
His idols are Charice, David Archuleta... Idols that can sing high-notes songs and have power+energy.

Then, due to the lack of workers in the cafe after Sin Ting left, I introduced one of my old friends, Brandon to work here.*Brandon + Cindy*
Brandon-the maid of the cafe.
Haha... You will be wondering why I wrote *maid* of the cafe there cause he really did everything we asked him to do. [Well, it's just for the first few days only, it didn't sustain.]
haha... He started complaining and spoke up for his rights. Just kidding.

First of all was serving the customers. That is the basic thing I need to know as a waitress.
Asking them what they want to drink, serve food and stuff.
Then, followed by how to make drinks.
For my experience, the drinks that I've made are ... Coffee, Coffee-0, Tea, Teh-o, Teh tarik, Chinese Tea, layered drinks, drinks made from the bottles, fruit juices...
Yes, it was like I'm having fun. But if you get complaints from customers, you'll know what will happen next. [scolded by boss... nah, just kidding.]

Now come to the food part.
There are fast food present in the afternoon and types of fried chicken rice you can choose from.
Most of the food are spicy cause our chef are a Malay.
We do sell some bread, buns, puffs, cakes....
It's just a nice place to have breakfast, lunch, and tea break.

This is what I see, the people who came to the cafe, and this is one of the funniest part of my memories working at the cafe.
Some customer can't pronounce the difference between bun and puff.
That's why I always gave him the wrong food. OMG.
Another one, which I can't forget, he will always order nescafe sweet sweet, or coffee sweet sweet. haha... Not sweet enough? Add more concentrated milk.
There's another one, who always order kopi-o kau besar.
Every time during the tea break, the famous three young adults will come to order 3 set of bread toast with the flavour of peanut+chocolate. Yes, like I mentioned, every time!!!
Here comes to the angry part.
There's this two female customers, one is short but fat, another is tall and thin.
The most stingy customers I've ever seen!!!
Rice we sold in the cafe one bowl is RM 1.oo, but they request that they only want RM 0.50, and want us to compress the rice in the bowl and add more.
And sometimes they only buy the rice and eat only, with no vegetables, meat or fish.
They will definitely bully you if you are a new worker there, especially the female.
Phew... Serving this kind of customers really make me angry, not only me, but all of the staff there too.

Memories...Besides working, we also hang out together, having dinner, shopping, celebrating birthday, watching movie, sing songs and so on.
Haha... Thinking back all these memorable scenes, I'm indeed very lucky and blessed to meet such friends during my long holidays.
Here, I want to thank all of my new friends I met for crossing my path in my life, creating memories together. Huge or small, just wanna thank you all.

Best wishes for all.
God bless!

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