Final day in Kuching.

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*Introducing- My best friend ever, Adrian Chai*

The day before I left Kuching, Adrian and I hanged up at Spring.
I went there half an hour earlier because I intended to buy something for Adrian as I've never give him present before.
And so, I just shopped around there.

Adrian finally arrived and I met him in The Face Shop.
I can't let him know I'm actually buying stuff for him so I brought a big bag, which I usually won't bring whenever I go out, just don't want to let him know. LOL.
And after I cheated him a few times when he questioned me, I really felt very bad.
I managed to act out my best real life drama ever in the end, and, SORRY ADRIAN!!!!
I didn' t mean it. haha...

After we were tired of shopping and our stomach got hungry, I brought Adrian to the food court and let him try the 'Kimbap', a type of Korean food which made up of a triangle shaped of rice, some chicken wrapped around by the rice, and the outer layer is dried seaweed.
The food is really nice, but the skills of the worker there is kinda lousy when he put it into the plastic bag. It's really hard for us to open the plastic wrapper and spoil the food.
It really made us very disappointed though.

And don't know why we went to the Kim Bay and ate again.

Adrian ordered fried mee, with Japanese tofu in it.

Changmokke sumnida~

As for me,

I ordered Luo Mai kai.
This is the second time I ordered this.
Chin cha masshiso!!!!

After eating, we headed to K Box, the place which we usually go to "show off" our singing skills.
haha... We really like to sing a lot. Thank God we found some friends who also likes to sing, and is good in singing too. Really!!!! e.g. Eric Yeo, Abby, Adrian, myself... Who else hor?

*Adrian posing while he was singing.*

Now, the epic part comes.
Adrian choose the song-Listen. OMG. He must be crazy, wanted to sing it gok. walao.
Challenge ourselves, we did sang it. Sing until half die, then give up already.
Pressing the audio button, listen to the song sings with EXTRA high notes, we just sat there and laughed. Cause we really can't sing till that standard. haha...
Thinking about the scene again, I'm laughing very hard right now. LOL.
It's just really hard man... No power and energy liao. haha...

The next day, Adrian came to the airport and met me the last time.
I gave him the present I bought, taking photos, hugged said goodbye and waved at him.
I'll miss this old friend very much, I promised.

*camwhore with my old friend.*

Once I stepped into the airplane, I know, my new life begins here.
So, thanks for all the memories and best wishes I received.
I'll strive hard for my life.
Good luck to everyone too!

God bless.

With love,
now and always,
from Fong Ling,
the Christmasgal.