Around Melaka 1

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I've not updating my blog since I leave my hometown. Wanna know why? LOL. Well, usually is not enough time. haha.
And now, I want to start writting about my new life in Melaka.

The stupid, idiot stuff I did, the food here, the people here, the air and plants here, the animals here and bla bla bla.
So, Around Melaka 1, which is my first post about Melaka, I would like to introduce the most *maybe* famous food that I've tried for the very first time.
That is satay-celup. This is how it looks like.

It's just like the steamboat, and we use the satay soup to cook the satay until it can be eaten. LOL.

Yea, it's quite nice to eat actually. No doubt. Although the night was old already, there were still have people went there to eat. Nice!

The satay is kinda like lok-lok stuff, and it has lots of variety you can choose from.
Vegetables, chicken, pork, fish balls, you tiao, bird eggs and more.
Here are some of the food we took that night.

It's really nice though. Try it!

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