Around Melaka 2

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One of my funniest and pretty friends of mine, Xyndy, went to AEON, Jusco with me.
Due to the reason that we don't have our transport in Melaka, we have no choice but to use the public bus.
Erm, I've been using the public bus most of the time to go to the town area.
And guess what, the longest time to reach my living place from the main bus station or vice-versa takes about 1 hour.
Oh gosh... One hour using airplane I can reach Kuching already... Walao.

And at AEON, we went to the Brand Outlet Store and each of us bought one piece of t-shirt.
2 for RM50. Cheap!
We wore our new shirt to campus the next day. LOL.

Oh, I remembered that we also got bought the sushi. OMG.
I supper LOVE sushi since I reached Melaka, but I don't know why yet.
Maybe Jusco's sushi is affordable and *chincha masshita*.

LOL. Xyndy went to Baskin Robbins to eat ice-cream. And I ate my own bought sushi.
Wah... Shuang.

Here's some pictures we took.

*Xyndy with her Baskin Robbins*

*Me and my sushi*

The final shopping place was in the Jusco supermarket.
Bought all the glossaries we need. haha...
Got promotion that weekend. Good for us.
And the bus aunty forgot to collect the bus ticket from us.
Well, I don't know what I should say... Lucky, I guess? haha.

To conclude the day, I really had a nice shopping trip with Xyndy, *ignoring she's noisy, always remind me to be fierce, run very fast, be alert all the time and so on.* She's indeed a very caring, tolerance, patient and loving friend.
Chingu, kamsa hamnida~~~

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