Around Melaka 3

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I went to Irene's house, a Baha'i friend in Melaka on Wednesday.
Actually we were having a devotional that night.
After having some prayers, we had a baking session.
This is my second baking courses, and it's in Melaka.
The cake we were making was the *Durian Cake*.
LOL. Very weird right?
At first I felt like that also, but after baking and eating the cake, it taste very nice, not heavy like the original durian. haha....

Here's some of there pictures that I manage to take throughout the processes.
*Ingredients needed.*

*Beaten white eggs until it becomes fluffy and won't drop when you turn it upside down.*

*Pouring egg yolks into the mixture.*

*everyone were participating, including this little young girl.*

The cake is indeed very nice though.
We were watching the horror movie after baking the cake- Friday 13th.
Eating baked cake and some tea. What a pleasant night~

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