Cooking pasta + a lovely dinner

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This is our very first time cooking something in our hostel.
The lunch of the day was PASTA~
Borrowed one of my friends' rice cooker, a mix human being between Chinese and Indian.
haha... She's very kind and funny...

A very nice experience cooking with the rice cooker, cause before I only knew that rice cooker is for cooking rice and steamboat.
If the pasta and the sauce are ready, what are we waiting for now?
Let's cook...
Sorry, no photos were taken during the cooking processes.

And to the final stage, where the paste were perfectly born.

*My lunch box pasta*

*Group PASTA photo.*

At night, we headed to Windmill to have our dinner, western food.

* Dorrin fish + chicken.*

*Free with one mushroom soup and one drinks.*

We really had a nice dinner, and I'm on cloud nine that night cause finally I have the chance to eat FISH after 2 months I've survive in Melaka.

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