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When I was young, I use to pray to God to get the things that I want.
Loading my memories...

5 years old- I met a boy in the kindergarten, who was sitting beside me that time. He had one mechanical pencil which was really special that time cause most of us were using the wood pencil instead of the mechanical lead pencil. The first time I saw it, I really want to have it. So, I told him that I like his mechanical pencil. And guess what, he went back and told his mother. The next day, he and his mother came and gave me the same pattern but different color of the mechanical pencil. His mother taught me how to use it and that time. I was on CLOUD NINE. But when I reached home and told my mum about this stuff, she scolded me and told me that I should not take other people's thing. LOL. Who knows that? I was a little kid that time. haha.
8 years old- I was having an English test that time. I love the subject very much because of the loving teacher of mine, Madam Tok. So I worked really hard and very concern on that subject to get full marks and don't wanna let my teacher down. On the day when the teacher distributed the exam papers, I was the last person to receive it. I'm praying hard that time: Oh, gosh. Don't tell me this time I got a bad result. No... I was very nervous. Finally, Madam Tok called my name, and said " Fong Ling, you've did a great job. You got the highest marks in the class. Well done! You just did a little mistakes. That is...... I'm proud of you! " When I saw the paper, it was not 100%, it's 98%. Although I'm lack of 2% marks to get 100%, I'm still very happy cause I did make her proud. Well, kids are all easily satisfied. Until now, I still can remember the one and only mistake that I did, that is, 2 POTATOES and not POTATO, just lack of that 2 alphabets, ES.

10 years old- There was one new male teacher came to my primary school that time. Actually he was a basketball in-charge teacher also, who came to train the students in playing basketball. There's one time, he gathered all the students in the hall and asked who is interested in playing basketball. For those who are interested, they can go in front and write their name. I was very excited to join that time and I'm asking friend to accompany me. But all my friends are not interested in this sport. So I was like very disappointed that time cause I'm very excited to join but I'm afraid. haha. Very silly right? And when all the students were just about to leave the hall, the teacher touched on my shoulder and asked me to go in front. I was very happy got selected by the teacher and my mum also support me in joining this basketball game. My very first basketball teacher in my life is called, Zhang, 张老师。I want to thank him a lot cause if it's not him who asked me to join the basketball team, I won't have such active and energetic physical structure and spirit.

12 years old- This is the age where the primary school students are having their first BIG exam, UPSR when they are about to say goodbye to their mother school. One of my birthday wishes is to get straight As in UPSR. Everyday when I go into my dreamland, I'll always think of I got all As in my UPSR. And I really get the result I've really wanted, what a dream comes true! In this age also, I did represent Kuching to join the basketball competition between all the areas in Sarawak, eg. Sibu, Sarikei, Miri, Kapit, Bintulu... Kuching girls team, under 12 got 3rd place that year. At the end of the year, I joined another basketball competition together with my basketball friends, under the guiding of my basketball teacher, Zhang lao shi. That was also the first time all my family members came to the basketball stadium to see me playing. My basketball teacher had always taught me that not to give up when you are still in the game until the very last second cause the we won't know and confirm the final result until the time ends. So, we were the champion in the last basketball competition that year. Finally, I felt a little proud of my hard learnt basketball skills and the spirit of never giving up in doing things.

14 years old- I represented Kuching again in joining the netball competition. I've always wanted to travel far apart from Kuching. And the competition place is in Bintulu. Our team had the training in the asrama school. We sat inside the bus for almost 9 to 10 hours to reach Bintulu. What a tiring journey.

15 years old- I was interested in playing guitar at this age due to some inspiration from the singing stars that are very talented. Imagine the scene-playing guitar while singing at the same time. Wow, very cool man. That's why I started playing guitar. I went to the Lee Music Center to learn how to play guitar for around one month plus. After that I stopped the lesson cause the fees are quite expensive and the teacher always teaches me the same stuff. So, I prefer to learn on my own through the internet. And I bought my first guitar that year, a black color guitar.

17 years old- I had a 10 clubs dinner that year, with the black and white theme. My friends and I were going to perform in the dinner. We trained for the dance for almost 2 months and I was keeping fit at the same time. My mission accomplished cause the dance was very successful cause can make the crow high and I did became slim. yeah... A new start, a new me.

18 years old- I went to many interviews during this age, just to find a good opportunity in finding a suitable path for me which leads to a good future. An incident happened that there were two interviews took place in the same date and time. That was the teacher's interview and the Petronas scholarship interview. I've been very confused which interviews should I go. I decided to go to the Petronas interview but my mum want me to go to the teacher's interview. I did cry very hard when my engineering dream was broken cause my dream is becoming an engineer. The teacher's interview result came out, and my name was not in the selected list. So, in the end I only have this choice, that is going to the local university, study the manufacturing engineering course in Melaka. This leads to accomplish my other dreams, travel to other part of Malaysia, that is West Malaysia. Whee...

Like I said in the tittle above, I'm always blessed.
Getting all the things I want, dreams did ever come true, live happily sometimes. haha...
I know I'm not the luckiest of all, but I'm lucky enough compare to the unlucky one.
So, be fortunate always, and appreciate things. C:

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