Just missing

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One of the things that I'll do in my daily life is playing guitar.
Until I *managed to survive* in Melaka, I just realize that it has been a long time that I left my guitar alone, no one is company him right now, I guess.
I wonder whether the string will become rusted or not, all the dust sticks on the guitar bag...
Well, very pity this little fellow which had been following me for years.
Without my guitar beside me, my life is like full of dullness.
I cannot either bring joy and cheer people up easily.
My guitar skills are dropping down, forgot the chords that I used to play in certain songs that I love.
Looking at my fingers, nails did grow longer.
I'll cut it every time when the nails grow cause it is now a habit for me, to play guitar.
Every time when I walk pass the instrument shops, I'll peek on the types of the guitars they are selling.
My eyes will always spot on the black-coloured guitar.
Walking near the glass wall of the shop, I just realize that I really miss my guitar very much...

Miss the feeling of plucking it's strings,
miss the time when I use to strum the strings quite hard, and sing like a mad person, scolded my my brothers,
just missing like an old friend which can accompany you to walk through the sunny and cloudy days, the period of ups and downs in my life......
I'm officially missing you, my beloved guitar.

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