McDonald + shopping

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Went to Melaka Mall's McDonald to have our *Chui Wei, Xin Qi, Michelle and I* lunch that day.
Borrowed a table there to study.
The wind was quite strong, made our hair flies up high, messed our hair.
We didn't complaint much, cause it makes us feel like we were on the beach that time.
Yes, the breezes of the sea. But not the cool one. haha...

After tired of studying, we went opposite to Jusco. Chui Wei and I shopped for the clothes, while the two little kids *Michelle and Xin Qi* were resting, sitting on the chair beside, reading and watching...
We managed to bought sushi for our lunch.
I ate sandwich sushi. I really love it!!!!!
Nice man~ Wanna try it again whenever I see it. haha...

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