Children class 2

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What a rainy morning, and I was on my plan to Alor Gajah, an area which is outside
the main town in Melaka, go there to conduct the children class.

Here, I really want to thank Doshann for giving this golden opportunity to be involve in the Baha’I activities. Yes, he is the one who always text and calling me, informing all the activities that are going around and arranging transportat

ion and all that for me. Thanks a lot, buddy!!!!

So, waited for Uncle Das to pick me up to his house. But I didn’t see or noticed him while he’s driving around my hostel, turning round and round and round. And I was waiting in the rain, and all jeans beneath my knees were all wet. Haha…. A very good experience in the rain, cause I won’t have that chance if I’m in my hometown, I’ll be scolded by my mum.

At Uncle Das’ house, they treated me with such a nice breakfast. Roti canai, dhal, and a cup of hot coffee in the cold and rainy day. What a pleasant morning!!! And I’m very glad to meet this nice family, and not forgetting their inspiring and shocking daughter, Zena. Sorry, I didn’t manage to take her photo. Haha…

Zena brought me to Alor Gajah, to the place where she’s teaching children class with Ah Xiang, aunty, a year ago. She’s also giving English tuition for those children who can’t speak or recognize English well in the beginning. Now, the children did improve

a lot, thanks to Zena and her family again. C:

Uncle Das brought roti canai and drinks for all of us for the refreshment. Sometimes, the children come to the class are around 20 plus till 30. I really can imagine how uncle can prepare all the refreshment, but he did it. Another amazing and generous uncle I’ve seen in my life. He is really nice, friendly, caring, and the most important thing is humorous.

Still remember the first time of our conversation on the phone.

Me: Uncle, where are you?

Uncle: I’m downstairs, at the Block Teratai already. You can come down now.

Me: Oh, ok. What is the colour of your car?

Uncle: Black, same as me.

Me: LOL… haha… ok ok…

The conversation above shows how humorous and interesting Uncle Das is. And I’m really lucky and blessed to meet them.



Back to Melaka

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It has been a week I left Melaka. LOL.
Actually it was my second holiday after I've entered the university here, and travelling to Selangor. Whoo hoo~~~
It was quite tiring though.
Just arrived back to my hostel.
A pleasant and loving room of mine. haha...
And my housemate, Xyndy's father made pizzas for us.
Oh, gosh. What a lovely father she had.

Cam-whoring the pizza~

It's really delicious man! haha...
Really really nice! <3