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My family and I went to this LogosHope book fair which is inside the ship.
hmmm... Sounds interesting right?
The moment when our car went into the parking spaces at the labour, we were shoched cause the people who are in charged of the traffic were blonde people, which is one of the crews of LogosHope members.
There's no any local traffic officer, the people working there are totally the members of LogosHope.
The LogosHope community of 400 unpaid volunteers from over 45 different countries lives and works together for one purpose - to bring knowledge, help and hope to the people of the world.
For mor information, please visit this site: www.logoshope.org

When we reached there, we saw lots of people queuing to buy the ticket.
One ringgit person aged 12 above, and it's free for the kids below 12.
Even after we bought the ticket, the queuing line is still very long cause I think most of the Kuching citizens were here, or most of them went here.
This book fair event last for around one month, yet until the last day we went still crowded with an ocean of people. Gosh. Thank God I survive. Phew... LOL.

Ok, about the book fair now. They used units to represent the amount of the book costs.
100 units = RM 8. It's quite cheap, but I only bought one brain-traning book, Sudoku, which only cost RM 6. Cheap right? haha.
There's story books, dictionaries, encyclopedia, biography, souvenier, music dics, stationary, etc.

-When I was in the cafe, I heard a lovely sound singing with the musical instrument.
I wondered where did the sound comes from. And after searching, it was actually a crew singing with her guitar. What a lovely performance! -

- The sticky notes were written by the visitors who visited the Logos Hope around the world, in different languages. -

All the crews are very friendly and caring.
Hope they will come again.

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