Beautify the nails...

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Hey hey......
I just bought this kind of new stuff when I'm shopping at The Face Shop.
This stuff is new to me, and I'm interested in its function also, so I bought it. haha.
Here's the appearance of the thing, Nail Dot Pen.

This Nail Dot Pen has three colours basically, WHITE, BLACK and SILVER.
I chose the black one cause most of the nails colour I'm using is usually peach, jelly brown, light brown, milky colours and all the colours that are close to the nail tone.
Why? haha. Cause my skin tone is darker, so the bright colours don't look nice on me.
Another nail polish I bought with my friend.

And now, back to the Nail Dot Pen.
Its function is like correction pen, the correction liquid that we use.
Press on the smooth, middle part of the pen, the black colour nail polish will comes out from the tip, and you just draw any patterns you like straight on your nails. But before that, remember you have your nails all polish at the very first place with the nail colour you wish your nails to look like at base coat.

Here's the final look.
And I'll be looking for more and more creative pattern to beautify my nails.
Just pretty and simple.
You guys and try it out!!!
Enjoy your time!

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