Fixing electronic device

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LOL. I just found my electrical dictionary in my cupboard.
It had been lying there for around 3 to 4 years since it can't be functioning well.
I was craving very hard to own an electrical dictionary when I was 14 cause I think it's useful, and I'm lazy to use the thick and heavy dictionary.
And so, my dad bought it for me. At the I own that stuff, I was really happy as if I was on cloud nine.

The dictionary has a lot of functions actually.
It has English, Chinese and Malay dictionaries, dictionaries in different fields, multi-languages, and dialogues of different languages, encyclopedia, leisure entertainment, exercises, and memo part that can record down your scheduler, address book, time table, financing, and even diary.
It also consist of calculator, scientific calculator, unit converter, calender, alarm, timer, stopwatch, and of course, games.
haha. It seems like I'm promoting some electrical device here.
Actually, no. After I've been using it for around one year, something happened to it.
I've having difficulty using it cause the keyboard is not functioning well.
Whenever I need to press the buttons, the system can't sense it and so, nothing came out in the screen.

So, my dad sent it to the company for repair. The person in charged said they need to send it to West Malaysia to fix it. It took 3 months for repairing and the repairing fee was Rm 150+. They said they had changed the keyboard cause they thought it's keyboard that can't be functioning well.
But after I continue using it for a couple of month, same thing happened again. I can't key in the words I want.

And yesterday, I decided to open its content and see what is inside.

Here's the pictures.
After unscrewed all the nuts....
I was thinking the chips were all very dirty and maybe that's why it can't sense the keyboard buttons, so I took out the cleaning computer kits and started wiping.
The opening part took me around half or more an hour to look for the tools that have inside my house to open it. Scissors, metal ruler, screw driver etc.
LOL. When I wanna put everything back, I realize I lost one thin nut which is screwed inside the compartment, and got extra thicker one at that need to be screwed from the outside.
I should have keep all of the things in a box when I opened it.
Anyway, I managed  to bring this electrical thingy back to its own function.

What a success.