Christmas + Birthday ~~

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I planned to post up this post just  after the Christmas but I couldn't free myself to do so. haha... Never mind, as long as I remember what happened that day, I can still drop some memorable event here. So, during Christmas Day, my friends (my batch of diploma students) planned to go for shopping, watching movie, and having dinner together.
One rule for the dressing of the day: All of the girls must wear dress.  haha.

Early morning of the day started:
I woke up early as my alarm rang at 6.30am because I want to complete my reports and all my tutorials. Just when I went downstairs, I saw my friend, Shu Yuan woke up earlier than me. Then i remembered yesterday night she asked me what time I will wake up and she said she wanna wake up earlier than me. And I'm like what the... LOL. What an silly excuse is that? haha.
Then I sat on my place, after awhile, she wished me happy birthday and Merry Christmas with a HUGE hug (FIRST present). 10 minutes later, she went upstairs and came down with a SUPPER RED cellphone pouch, which was the pouch that I was looking for at the Jonker Walk shops, but I didn't find any cause I can't find the colour that I want. Wow, early in the morning, this was the second present that I received, a dainty pouch with the colour that suite both the Christmas and birthday occasions. 

And again, she went upstairs and got me another present, the tickers.


Went to take the movie tickets at the counter cause my friend bought it online. Then went to eat lunch at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng as the restaurant there, where they have this special gift ----> one big bowl of milk tea drinks for the birthday person who eats at their place. And so, I ordered this set, and the big bowl of milk tea you can see in the picture below.

Sweet and sour fish rice.

The toy bear they gave as birthday present that attached with the milk tea.
After lunch, we went shopping for the chinese new year clothes and shoes.
From Dataran, we crossed the road and went to the shopping mall named Mahkota Parade, at the opposite site. That was the place where most of us bought our new shoes. *Will post the shoes when I go back to Melaka.* And after paying the shoes, I wore it on spot. LOL. Felt very satisfied and victory was achieved. [+.+]

We then rushed back to Dataran Pahlawan as the movie was starting soon.
The movie of the day ----> CZ12 (Chinese Zodiac 12).It is a Chinese-Hong Kong action film produced, written, directed by, and starring Jackie Chan. An amazing and funny action movie. So better don't miss it! 

We went to Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant for dinner! I ordered bibimbap a.k.a korean mixed rice. Saw most of the korean eat this in the K-drama. LOL. It's a nice delicacy.

Group photo~~  C:
This is the hair clips decoration that my friends bought and they secretly clipped it on my hair from behind.
And I was decorated with these for that night. LOL.
Birthday present that I got. There's reason why they chose this as my birthday gift. hahaha...

Back home, I received this lovely birthday card with my favourite cartoon charactor, crayon shin chan drawing and the cute nail polishes from bao ting, bao en and ying chow. Thanks ya~!

 Not only this, I celebrated my birthday twice.
The second time was at Irene & Edmond's house.
They prepared this surprise party for me and made some homemade food that called bo beng. 

This year's birthday was amazing and full of laughter and joy.
Hope everyone was enjoyed and have a blessed Christmas Day.
*Am telling Santa to make our dreams come true!*


I'm still officially 18 !!!

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Today, 24.12.2012, I'm still 18 years old.
The last day of my 18 years before I step into year 19.
Actually, my friends keep on telling me that I'm 19 this year (2012), but I am really 18 cause birthday hasn't come yet. So, whenever other people asking about my age, I'll always tell them that I'm 18. This is not lying or cheating cause this is indeed the real fact. hahahahahaha....
Then when other people know about my age, first, they'll be shocked cause I look mature (but my inner being is the opposite). Second, they'll be envy cause I'm young. LOL. But 2012 is going to finish soon, so my sweetest 18-year-old is going to say bye-bye to me. T.T What a sad news right?
Never mind. Think positively, I'm growing up, and so as you all. haha...
So, we'll be experiencing different ages of period, and appreciate it all the meaningful and memorable moments. We can never fathom different people's experiences, but only through expressing and sharing it out, it would be nice.
And so, this is my very last day of 18-year-old and I still left 23 hours to spend this day. hherrrmmm.... What am I suppose to do?
Ok. It's quite late now, gotta grab my comfortable pillow, my STAR toy, and have a good sleep first.

*drink more water after I wake up.
*say prayers in the morning.
*soak my dirty clothes in the pail.
*play hula-hook for about 30 minutes while watching drama.
*eat apple and oat for breakfast.
*revising Quality Control chapter 4 ---> Control chart.
*clean my Reebok sport shoes.
*wash my clothes.
*cook lunch for my friends.

*do mask at night.
*arrange my stuff.
*call my mum...

Hey, I think I'll be missing you (18 years old) very much.
Time is ticking really fast....
Feel like losing you just in one month instead of one year.
So, I'm proud to shout out loud that I'm officially 18 years old now.
Yes, I'm 18 years old.



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过后就有一次,有人就到我班上宣布说全部的女生得到底楼集合,很像是听说什么篮球队要选人之类的消息。那时候的我每每听到【篮球】这两个字,心就莫名的砰砰跳了好几下。原因是我很想参加,但是却没有勇气举起手,大声的说:“我要参加!!!”。 我左看右看,班上的朋友都没有一个举手说要参加,就连我的小时的死党都看着我说:“不要,不要。”。 哈哈。 想起来,那一个画面还真的是笑死人。哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈......

之后,我才得知那教练的名字是张**。 我们都叫他张老师。他,确实是一位很棒的篮球教练。一手从零开始慢慢的教我们怎么打篮球,包括最基本的运球,传球,护球,投篮.... 到复杂点的转身投篮,偷球,抢球.... 到怎么与队友合作得分,人盯人,互补投篮等等。好几年过了,不,是差不多十年过了,这技巧幸好我还保存着,我也不想遗忘,因为那曾今是教练与球员们,大家共同付出了大家的时间、约定、汗水、欢笑、眼泪、甚至是疤痕、血、淤青等等会经历的事情。

那天回到家,脸上是挂着笑容步入家门的。过后就大大声跟妈妈说我每个星期六早上八点到十点有篮球训练,在学校的篮球场。最让我感到惊讶的是,妈竟然说ok。 真的是吓死人!哈哈。虽说第一次的练球的朋友大多数都不认识,但也因为这样,我朋友的圈子渐渐地扩大了。所以,篮球教会我如何怎么与人交际,而在球场上打球时与不同年龄喜爱打篮球的人沟通、交朋友。以前打篮球的时候一直【吃球饼】。哈哈。我家乡的朋友们都这么形容头被篮球打到都叫【吃球饼】。当然咯,打篮球若没注意球的话,一定会【吃球饼】。如果打篮球没吃【吃球饼】的话,那他就不会成长。还有就是脚踝一直扭伤。扭来扭去 ,不知道扭了几十次,见了不知道几位铁打师父疗伤,久了,双脚也扭到没有感觉了(轻微的case。严重的话脚就变成猪脚。)肤色一年比一年黑,因为普通的校队比赛、练球都是用outdoor的篮球场,除了省份及州的阶段。打了好多年的篮球,技术当然也提升了,也打出了一点点小成绩,代表古晋与其他省份交手。篮球的练球次数增加了,练球时我们得更加努力、专心、及让我学会了纪律的重要性。所以,第二点是,篮球教会了我纪律的真谛。我也发觉了很奇怪的一点,在篮球比赛或是练球的时候,我都会很认真,很少说话(除了是在休闲或休息的时候)。应该是我太认真了吧,就会很认真地想把没一粒球都运得好,传好些。这会不会对别人来说是不友善的行为呢?  heerrrmm... 还在思考当中。

结果篮球打着打着,从小学-----> 中学----->大学....  很庆幸的还有机会去打篮球。中学的故事有点复杂,我就跳过了哦。哈哈。
到了大学,我其实一直在打听有没有篮球队的事情。有是有,女生人数就比较少。这是一个问题因为多数的男生球员往往会把球场霸掉,然后我就不能投篮。哈哈。这种事件我已经历了无数次,吃了太多的盐,闲到没话讲了。呵呵~ 在公共球场是这样,在大学球场也是这样。算了,不管了,只好混进男生当中睁一只眼,闭一只眼的不理会他们的奇异眼神,投篮去了。

写到这里,往往会让我想起我第一次与大学打篮球的朋友打篮球的【初次见面】的故事......... 球员们都被通知说某某一天在某某时间在篮球场有练球。大家一定要出席。结果快到练球开始的时间,我露面了。我自己其实也很佩服自己的勇气,一群男生在那也敢一个人独自走到篮球场去。更猛的是,我正走向球场的同时,有两位男生通过观众席的缝隙看着我及彼此议论着这位女生是干什么什么的。害我紧张到很想掉头就走。但是想了想,如果我掉头走人的话岂不是就成了一个笑话?!所以就硬着头皮走到球场边去了。放下了书包,我就无所事事的站在原地看着其他几位男生投篮。10分钟过去了,没有人跟我说话。我又不好意思加入他们一起投篮,因为不知道怎样加入,状况有点很奇怪,又不认识任何人.... haiz. 真的是不知如何是好。就在这个时候,有一粒篮球从球场滚了出来。我看见了就自己去捡了起来,然后走到球场内投篮了。是不是很意外?我自己也吓到一下两下三百下。 根本就是像电视剧里的情节一模一样。没办法,老天爷就是要我打篮球嘛~~~ 哈哈。

ok, 就这样参加了不同科系与不同科系对打的篮球赛。打了一整场,跑了一整场,喊了一整场,然后就得了个第三名。重点是我破例了---(打球的时候说最多的话,而且是用喊的)。而且皮肤也变得更黑 。我只是害怕我过年回家抵达机场的时候,我妈没把我认出我是她的女儿。哈哈。