Christmas + Birthday ~~

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I planned to post up this post just  after the Christmas but I couldn't free myself to do so. haha... Never mind, as long as I remember what happened that day, I can still drop some memorable event here. So, during Christmas Day, my friends (my batch of diploma students) planned to go for shopping, watching movie, and having dinner together.
One rule for the dressing of the day: All of the girls must wear dress.  haha.

Early morning of the day started:
I woke up early as my alarm rang at 6.30am because I want to complete my reports and all my tutorials. Just when I went downstairs, I saw my friend, Shu Yuan woke up earlier than me. Then i remembered yesterday night she asked me what time I will wake up and she said she wanna wake up earlier than me. And I'm like what the... LOL. What an silly excuse is that? haha.
Then I sat on my place, after awhile, she wished me happy birthday and Merry Christmas with a HUGE hug (FIRST present). 10 minutes later, she went upstairs and came down with a SUPPER RED cellphone pouch, which was the pouch that I was looking for at the Jonker Walk shops, but I didn't find any cause I can't find the colour that I want. Wow, early in the morning, this was the second present that I received, a dainty pouch with the colour that suite both the Christmas and birthday occasions. 

And again, she went upstairs and got me another present, the tickers.


Went to take the movie tickets at the counter cause my friend bought it online. Then went to eat lunch at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng as the restaurant there, where they have this special gift ----> one big bowl of milk tea drinks for the birthday person who eats at their place. And so, I ordered this set, and the big bowl of milk tea you can see in the picture below.

Sweet and sour fish rice.

The toy bear they gave as birthday present that attached with the milk tea.
After lunch, we went shopping for the chinese new year clothes and shoes.
From Dataran, we crossed the road and went to the shopping mall named Mahkota Parade, at the opposite site. That was the place where most of us bought our new shoes. *Will post the shoes when I go back to Melaka.* And after paying the shoes, I wore it on spot. LOL. Felt very satisfied and victory was achieved. [+.+]

We then rushed back to Dataran Pahlawan as the movie was starting soon.
The movie of the day ----> CZ12 (Chinese Zodiac 12).It is a Chinese-Hong Kong action film produced, written, directed by, and starring Jackie Chan. An amazing and funny action movie. So better don't miss it! 

We went to Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant for dinner! I ordered bibimbap a.k.a korean mixed rice. Saw most of the korean eat this in the K-drama. LOL. It's a nice delicacy.

Group photo~~  C:
This is the hair clips decoration that my friends bought and they secretly clipped it on my hair from behind.
And I was decorated with these for that night. LOL.
Birthday present that I got. There's reason why they chose this as my birthday gift. hahaha...

Back home, I received this lovely birthday card with my favourite cartoon charactor, crayon shin chan drawing and the cute nail polishes from bao ting, bao en and ying chow. Thanks ya~!

 Not only this, I celebrated my birthday twice.
The second time was at Irene & Edmond's house.
They prepared this surprise party for me and made some homemade food that called bo beng. 

This year's birthday was amazing and full of laughter and joy.
Hope everyone was enjoyed and have a blessed Christmas Day.
*Am telling Santa to make our dreams come true!*

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