Blood donation

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Phew... It's a late post by me about the blood donation thingy.
Cause the incident happened last week and I'm quite busy packing my luggage and buying stuff going back to my hometown as Chinese New Year is approaching, and it's going to pass through very fast, real fast. Now, it's time for repacking, going back to Malacca.
Ok, back to blood donation. I intended to involve myself into this blood donation event since last year. But I didn't succeed due to some factors, eg. no time, I missed the event when I knew there was one, my friends keep on persuading me not to donate blood cause they are scared (and that time I was totally got influenced by other people's thought and do not have my own opinion about what I wanna do...), scared my parents do not allow as I'm away from my home and so on... And now, I did it! YES, I DID IT. haha.

Now, I would like to share the donating blood's processes here.
For those who doesn't know or hasn't got the experience yet, you'll know sooner or later by scrolling down the page. haha.

Step 1: Filling in the form. (Checking for your health and so on.) Checking for your weight and you must not be underweight person to donate blood, and sign for the permission to donate blood willingly... Yes, you are allowed to have your meal before donating blood (cause if you heard other people saying can't eat before donating blood, that is wrong because it is ONLY you can't eat if you wanna have specific BLOOD TEST, ok...).

Step 2: Blood test. The nurses there will help you to check your blood type, and give you one small booklet as one recording for your personal details and date for blood donation.

Step 3: Overall checking. I proceeded into this step for body checking by the doctors to make sure that I'm healthy today, got enough sleep (Please have enough sleep before donating blood, at least 8 hours.) , no high blood pressure, no flu, didn't go for dentist the day before...

Step 4: The nurses will give you one plastic for collecting your blood and you need to proceed to the real "blood donating process".

Lying peacefully and calmly on the chair, decide which hands you want for blood donation, then the nurses will help you to tie up your arm with something *dunno-what-is-that-called* to create some sort of pressure thingy to let the blood flow. Then, they'll start searching for your blood vessels, insert certain fluid *still-dunno-what-is-that-cause-I-forgot-to-ask*, and then finally the needle for blood transmission from blood vessel into the blood packet through that needle and tube. My experienced friend advised me to supervise for the moment when the needle entering my skin so that it really goes into my blood vessel. LOL. And the nurse will give you one tube shape thingy on your palm and ask you to keep squeezing it to let the blood flow. hahaha... The "donating blood session" finished within 15 minutes and it is advised to lye down on the chair and not to stand up so fast to avoid fainting and more as our body will become a little bit weaker after donating blood. Lastly, there will be drinks like milk, milo etc. and breads or buns provided.

I still went for tennis training session that evening. haha... Still feel very strong and         energetive the whole day.
So, if you wanna donate blood, please make sure that you are healthy and be brave. Hope my sharing of experience helps you all.

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