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Ok, this is a quick post that I wanna share with you all about DELL.
As you all know, I've bought this DELL laptop mid of the year 2011, and I'm using it until now. The laptop which I can say, is good. Average on the performance for students. The speaker of the laptop is good, even better than the other brand. Just that the sound recording system is not so satisfied as I've tried before for recording the cover of songs I did last time.
Previously I got some problem regarding the monitor of the laptop, as the plate of program stuff has loosen up and the screens appears white after I've used it for about 2 years. I admit that I treated quite rough on my laptop, carry it with one hand, knocked here and there, turn on the speaker loud, and I spoiled the adapter. haha...
Then, as there's some problem with the monitor, I called up the DELL supporting center to ask for help. DELL company has this door-to-door service for all DELL users. So it's an advantage for me as I'm studying in other state, not in my hometown, and travelling will be one of the problem I face.
I sent an email to DELL in the midnight, and they replied me right after the next day. What I can say is that they are quite efficient. And I'm very satisfied with their service.

Below is the picture of my monitor that turned up white... due to the loosen up of the electronic plates inside the monitor...

Today, around 10+am, the DELL's employee called my cellphone, asking me whether I'm free cause he wants to fix my laptop. I told him that I'm not at home and I'm in my campus now, the place I used to stay up all day long ---> Library. 
After asking him whether he can come to my campus, then he said ok, he'll come to my campus. And so, he appeared around 11.45am. 
He reached the library without asking me where's  the location of library. He helped me to change my monitor screen with a new one, which cost around RM700+. I asked him quite a lot of questions regarding the DELL center in Malacca, the warranty, buying the computer parts and stuff... (I like to ask questions, like I always do, all the time.) haha..
I also asked him about the problem I faced like the notice keeps on appearing once I turn my laptop on and he was very helpful, helped me to see, explaining to me, and settled it. Wootz...
He changed the screen really fast, cause had developed the skills I guess. After 5-10 minutes, he's done. 

Finally, here's the appearance of the new screen, *no scratches*. 
Whoo hoo~~!

Overall, I can say DELL gave me a very good impression about the door-to-door service, and the support person who is friendly and always has his smile on his face. I signed my signature on the receipt, and just found out that he is an Engineer, Mr. Eddie. LOL. 
No regrets of choosing DELL for the first time when buying laptop.
Will consider to buy their adapter also as my current adapter is only 60W, and I need a 90W to get my battery charge. 
So, I would like to recommend those students out there, if you wanna buy a laptop, you can consider this brand, DELL.

 *I posted this blog post after he left. LOL.*

And I wanna say THANKS to Xinqi for borrowing me this super nice story book. The story written makes me get overwhelmed with it and keeps me reading till the end. 

 What did you spot in this picture? A handsome guy is staring at me! hahahaha...

Have a nice day everyone!

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  1. I told yea!! xD DELL has good service!!
    Hahaha!! Then I will borrow you any books that I find nice de wor!! xD

  2. Hahaha!!! Totally agree with that woi... Thanks for letting me know about the door-to-door good service lei.. haha. And thanks for the book! hehe >.<

  3. door to door...really RM700!!!?!

  4. I asked him and he told me one ler...

  5. no la... free one ba... I mean the screen cost that amount. But i'm still under warranty....

  6. wow! u use dell! great choice! mine at home still working (even some screw come out) 7 years old lor... very tahan o.. the services vry good, they send straight to u! on9 buying have rebate too...