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Just finished watching the Korean drama, I hear your voice.
It's a nice drama actually cause the story line is interesting and kept me from watching it until the end.
It's about a young boy's father being killed by the murderer and saw by 2 high school girls. One of the high school girl went to the court and be the witnessed of all the incident happened. Then the story goes on after 10 years, where the young boy who grew up, keeps on searching and finding the witnessed of his father's case lady, so that he can protect her as the murderer will be released from the jail.
The lady, who successfully became lawyer as public defender meets up with the grown up high school boy.
One interesting thing is that the boy has this special ability that he can listens and reads other people's thoughts by just looking into their eyes.
And the story goes on....

[Album] Various Artists – I Hear Your Voice OST (MP3) 

너의 목소리가 들려 OST (SBS 수목드라마)
Release Date: 2013.07.30
Genre: OST
Language: Korean
Bit Rate: MP3-320kbps
01. 에코 / 에브리싱글데이
02. 왜 이제야 왔니 / 정엽
03. 우리 사랑했던 날들 (The Days Were Happy) / 나래
04. 너에겐 들리지 않는 그 말 / 신승훈
05. 돌고래 / 에브리싱글데이
06. 두눈에.두볼에.가슴에 (In My Eyes) / 김연지
07. 달콤하게 랄랄라 / 멜로디데이
08. 에코 (Acoustic Ver.) / 에브리싱글데이
09. Echo Strings
10. Sea And Stars
11. Breaking Moment
12. Sus 4
13. Return
14. Don’t Forget
15. Circus In Court Strings
16. Unhappy Misery
17. Echo Arp.
Click here to download.

Hope you guys enjoy watching the drama~ <3 p="">

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