Last day of exam (3yr 1sem)

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Finally, the day of last paper has come. in the morning. Although I've been waiting for this paper to come for only one day, it makes me feel like so long that I become very bored. I guess it's because all of my friends had finished their exams and our faculty is the last one who will be sitting the exam on SATURDAY... First time in my university life, sitting exam in Saturday, and I had to burn my MAS ticket flying back to my hometown... It's in the afternoon, 2pm and I'm stuck in the exam hall. herrrmmm... Feeling quite depressed... Mum, dad and little brother went to Sibu to attend cousin's wedding... Thought of going out with my big brother after landed in Kuching this evening... Unfortunately, I can't because of this Fluid Power exam on Saturday... Wasted 98 ringgit of ticket to learn a lesson ---> never buy ticket on Saturday next time after finals.. Worth it? herrrmm... Just need to stand a little nagging from my mum.

Went to eat Japanese food for lunch at Sushi Kyou at Bukit Beruang with my course mates and my housemate, Xinqi. I like Japanese food a lot cause it's healthy and not spicy...? hahaha... I was very hungry and within half an hour of eating-in-process, I'm very full till can't move. We chatted, laughed a lot, due to my friends' jokes and more. Talked about protection fee that the gangsters collect in certain areas... About a story of a prince living in Pahang and how his father releasea a huge amount of water to let their area flooded and all the stories made up by my funny and crazy friends. Last memories for this semester before they leave Malacca. haha.... But I realized that I could not understand most of the keywords they were saying in cantonese language. Although I've been staying in West Malaysia for 2 and a half year, I still can't learn it. Haiz.. After packing my luggage and arranging my things, Xinqi and I went to the drama thingy that we decided to involve ourselves in it. Came back home and we slept cause we were very tired.
Thought of don't wanna eat anything for dinner as we ate a lot in the afternoon, then Xinqi suddenly suggested that wanna go to Koreana to try the food over there as she saw it yesterday, passing through that restaurant. And so, we had Korean cuisine for our dinner.. *Unbelievable!!!*
I ordered bibimbap as usual, for the same reason, it's not so spicy and it's my favourite food for Korean cuisine selection. hahaha. But I think I'll try out something new next time. We also ordered one plate of pork, and they provide us a lot of side dishes, which I think it's better and tastier than Dorae restaurant. hehe. Will come to eat again next time. We were eating inside the restaurant for nearly 2 hours if not mistaken. The food were served quite fast and they were friendly. After finished eating, we couldn't move our body again, frozen, cause we were indeed very full... Wow... Sat there and watched Korean mv, taking pictures.... All I can say is that we had a wonderFULL day... hahahhaa...

Koreana Restaurant



Refillable side dishes

Bibimbap that the waitress helped me to mix.

Korean stew soup

Pork and onions. Yummy!

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